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Its doesn't matter where you live, other than a couple of major cities but meeting with South Lanarkshire transvestites is all about one thing alone .... which adult tv personals site are you going to join..

Whilst South Lanarkshire offers some of the most stunning countyside across Scotland if your in the search of local trannies looking at beautful valleries and locks doesn't really help.....but we can ;o)

As a member of our site you'll be able to access members right across region along with all the major towns and villages and as someone thats used to living in a rural location I know too well the benifiets of the online scene as theres only so much solo fun you can have before you need some company ..........

And talking of company want to check out some South Lanarkshire Crossdressers & Trannies? below are just a few samples and some random images across the county

Feature:- Access All Profiles ( South Lanarkshire CD) I'm here to meet with dominant males that will use me for sex either meeting at my home in South Lanarkshire or yours. I'm only looking to meet with males

I'm a very oblinging crossdresser thats her to be trained and whilst not totally convicing as a female I'm extremely complant and will follow all commands including corporal punishment

I have a good collection of outfits and all that Sir needs to do is tell me what to wear and I'll dress to please. Some of the looks I like are bored housewife, (floweral button dress) and will wear it with white knickers (french silk ) satan slip or should Sir prefer a naughty nurse with black stockings.

We can meet at my flat or if you enjoy the local dogging scene tell me where to meet and we can enjoy some outdoor fun. I've joined the site as its been a long time since I was fully used and now want to get fucked! Whatever you want you can have all you have... (more)

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Meeting local contacts has never been so easy

  • Access All Profiles ( South lanarkshire TV ):- Hi I've just moved here and will be working locally for a few months so joined the site to see if I can find some local friends. I am only looking for TV/TS and also members that are out as I've been out for 5 yrs and whilst I don't mind meeting up for a glass of wine at mine or yours I will want to get out as well. I'm not really into the clubs scene as I out grew that a few years ago being in my ealy fifties. I do enjoy good food and looking forward to trying some of the local resturants. My look is more middle or the road / girl nextdoor look and don't do the tarty look but do have a couple of play outfits for the bedroom. I'm versatile and happy to take any role but sex for me is something that happens once you know someone, which I know probably goes against everything these types of personals sites offer as I'm not after NSA sex but friendships that lead onto .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( South lanarkshire BDSM ):- i'm looking to meet a dominant transvestite for some role playing meets. I've never been involved with the bondage scene and want to meet someone thst will train me and show me how to act around domme tvs. I'm not sure to my limits and you'll need to be understand and happy to take things a little slower. I've been dressing for 10 yrs and have a good look but not out. I've always wanted to be controlled and the idea of having someone control my actions really does turn me on, but on the other hand I'm also quite nervoius about . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( South lanarkshire pantyhose sex ):- I'm not a TV/CD and certinally not a TS but I do LOVE wearing tights and then having SEX with similar guys. I'm not able to accommodate as I'm married and my wife knows nothing about this but can travel and meet or meet outdoors for some fun in cars. Being only into wearing tights meeting up is pretty easy and we can have soe sucking and wanking fun in a car. If your interested drop me a line and lets meet. I'm heading to Glasgow with work and will be there for a few days staying in a hotel so if you like maybe we could meet? But I'm only here to meet other guys into sex in tights. . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( South lanarkshire Tgirl) :- I'm about the biggest slut in Scotland ;o) go on test me and you'll see just what I mean. I'm a single slutty TGirl thats 39 and oves meeting mature admirers for NSA sex, when I say NSA sex I'm happy if you just want to come round to mine fuck me, cum in me and then leave. I have no upper age, in fact the older the better so long as your up for fun r sexual adventures. When meeting guys I do expect to be the female role so please don't ask whether I'll fuck you as I have no interest in this but I'll suck you till you shoot your load in my mouth or will get you so hard you'll fuck me deep . I'm happy for bareback meets or safe sex and as you can see from my profile I do like having photos taken whilst being used. If your not . .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Pre Op TS Lanarkshire ) :- Anyone looking for something other than sex ! LOL... I'm a single pre op transwomen thats looking for a male partner for a long term relatshiop, hopefully thats nor made you run for the hills !! if it has then better keep running as I'm here for guys that want sometime LT. I've been single for 7 yrs after my last relationship broke up and I thought it was about time to start meeting up with others and living again. I've had messages about showing photos and the answer is NO, why? the reason is noone knows I'm a transwomen and I know the chances are VERY little that anyone here would recogise me but I'm not taking chances. When you contact me and we get to know each other better I'll let you have some photos but I'm very petite, long hair, and a good figure ( yes thanks to implants) my look is trendy modern and the only .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Webcam Sex South Lanarkshire ) :- Not looking to meet but here for some cam2cam meets. Most nights you'll find me in the webcam chatroom here so if you see me online drop me a message. PLEASE READ .. I've had messages from guys about cams sex and whilst I'm happy to meet guys, in fact ANYONE you will have to have a webcam s I'm after cam 2 cam meets only, no webcam no meets, go buy one they are cheap and we can then have some fun .(more)

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