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With an estimated population of 250,000 people do you do what that means ? loads of Rotherham transvestites and right now you can access a lot of them right from HERE, read and find out how ....

Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, its now part of South Yorkshire, least for now ;o) but your not really interested in that you want see just whats on offer and thats where I can help

If your wondering just why a Swingers website has a section all on transvestites and Rotherham crossdressers its because we allow all types of contacts so singles, couples, trannies and groups - what this means to you is no matter what type of personals ad your looking for we can help .....

Maybe your Rotherham tgirl and you want to meet a couple for threesome? yep we can help, but rather than me telling you about the types of ads we have why not just read some samples below ... and where better than a feature ad

Feature:- Access All Profiles ( Rotherham CD) Profile with over 20 photos uploaded... Hello I'm a young submissive Crossdressers thats looking to be dominated by a local transvestite or crossdressers and can meet at my home

I'm slim and sooo desperate to be dominated so thought I'd see whats on offer here.. Im 25 and do life life to the fullest and enjoy dressing and meeting up with others

I dress most days wearing a selection of outfits and depending on the time will dress fully or just slim on some stockings, suspenders and heels.

I'm in the closet and my dressing is strictly at home only, however I would like to meet up with others that share my passion and can appreciate the effort I put into my look and hopefully enjoy some fun with me .. Ideally this will turn into friendships with some extra benefits

I don't own any wigs or make up, but its something I'm wanting to explore and it would be great to meet with someone a little more experienced that could help me choose one and offer some pointers on make up.. So if you like the sound, please get in touch (more)...

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Further sample ads below ....but why not join us as you won't be able to contact these members till you basic membership is FREE

  • Access All Profiles (Rotherham TV ):- I thought it was about time that I started meeting up with others again as its been too long. I've been a TV off and on for over 20 yrs and right now I'm enjoying my on period ;o).. When I started out this new thing called an internet wasn't around and struggled to meet others as I'm not out and don't use all the TV venues round here ( least I think they are here).. Already from looking at some of the members I've found some interesting contacts so hopefully we will be chatting soon. As you may have picked up I'm some what mature in years and hit my 60s last year but I've kept the old body fit and still can fit into my sexy outfits I bought back when I was a young tranny. I'm happy to hear from all members although would probably prefer members around my age group for 50-70. I'm single so you can meet at mine and even get changed here should you prefer as I know I wouldn't want to head out all dressed in my best Sunday frock. Sex wise, I've done and tried about everything in the book, somethings I'm happy to try again, others well lets say I won't go there . If you drop me line .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Rotherham Transwomen ):- I'm pre op transsexual here to find Mr Right ;o) before you read on you must be. single, under 50, solvent, slim and understand that I'm the female so dont ask silly questions like do I like to fuck guys, that will get you onto my ignore list. If your still reading great, I'm not reallybossy its just I'm fed up with guys contacting me that I have no interest in meeting. I live and work in Rotherham and have been full time for 6 yrs and yes the hair you can see is real not a wig and my boobs are all bought and paid for ;o) .. I'm pre op TS so hopefully don't have to spell out what . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Rotherham Crossdresser ) :- Hello I'm new to xdressing and looking for some local friends to meet up and share a night of dressing fun, however I'm also bi curious but will want to take things a little slow at first. I've been xdressing for a few months and I'm loving it especially the shopping part (online) I've build a good wardrobe in a short period of time although have no locked my credit card away. I do have quite a good look and have been working on getting make u, wig & nails just right and I think I've done it. I do love wearing short outfits as I have a good and petite figure that I enjoy showing off, at least showing off in front of the mirror !! I'm only looking for other xdressers and will want to meet at mine .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Pantyhose sex ) :- I don't fully dress but do have a passion for sex in tights!! anyone else ? I can meet at yours or an outdoor locations somewhere and we can have some sucking and wanking fun whilst wearing tights. Only looking for similar guys and if you drop me a message I'll tell you some private public places where we can meet and hopefully have some fun. I'm only after oral .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( convincing domme TV Rotherham ) :- hello all I'm here for a boyfriend, not a one night stand or a quick shag in the carpark but someone that wants a LTR with a sexy tgirl. I wanted to post that first before I started telling you about myself as I've done the quickies and frill seekers in the past and now I've got to a stage where I would like a little more. I'm 32 and not a full time tgirl as I had to (sadly work) but spend all weekend and most nights dressed femme. I would class myself as attractive, feminine and very convincing and have no worries about going out although I don't really do the clubbing scene anymore as .(more)

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