Do Tranny Escorts Fuck males? Free advice for Using TV Escorts

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How do you meet Transvestite escorts and what to expect when having sex with a tranny escort...and last do shemale escorts really fuck guys!

First let me clear something up, whilst this is a swingers website we offer FREE advertising for escorts, transsexual escorts, tgirl escorts in fact anything adult related you can find within the members section ....The reason I've added this page is address some of the question a lot of guys have regarding having sex with transvestite escorts as an admirer myself of Tgirls its something I wish I could have read before I started meeting with escorts

Some of the most communally asked questions are :- Do escorts fuck guys, How can I contact you? Do tranny escorts give out there address...Can we chat afterwards ..So after chatting with a friend or mine that I met via this site she agreed to write some tips of meeting and having sex with tranny escorts or indeed really after reading her article this could apply to meeting any escort for sex....although maybe the "do tranny escorts fuck guys" perhaps doesn't apply to meeting female escorts, not unless theirs a strap on handy ;o) ....So enjoy the article and check out some of the featured images all posted be low tranny escorts

Hi, I’m a transsexual escort working in Leeds and I’ve written this so that if your new to using tv/ts escorts it will help you and maybe even in you’re an experienced user of escorts it will give you an understand of just how we work ….So could this be called “getting the most from your tranny escort sex” maybe ;o)

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I’m not saying these pointers are written in stone and I’m sure different escorts will work in different ways but these guidelines will ensure you get the most enjoyment when you meet up and if this is your first time with a transsexual escort certainly it will address some.... I’ve written this covering a couple of points :-

  • First making contact with an escort - Not holding back your phone number
  • Your first meet - Getting an escorts address incall or outcall meets
  • What to expect - Do tranny escorts fuck guys  
  • Cleanliness – take a shower  

I’m not saying these pointers are written in stone and I’m sure different escorts will work in different ways but these guidelines will ensure you get the most enjoyment when you meet up and if this is your first time with a transsexual escort certainly it will address some.

Contacting an escort …OK let me address one point if you phone an escort and your number is withheld this screams to the escort that you’ve got something to hide! Have you? Escorts know that all meets with them need to be discreet and they fully understand this but this doesn’t mean that you have to block your number so they can’t see whos phoning them

The last thing an escort is going to do is phone you back or start pestering you to visit her/him she will either be working and meeting with clients or will be relating and the last thing on her mind is I want to phone some punter up and annoying him …it just doesn’t happen. Also by showing you number you’ll get a far better response.. Most escorts advertise there services on loads of tranny & adult sites, I for example use Swingers Zone a lot as I like the features but when possible, tell the tv/ts escort where you saw their ad.

When emailing a escort have all your questions ready in one go!! What we don’t want to keep getting is loads of drip feed questions like “ do you fuck guys” “can we kiss” “would you help me with my Xdressing” “do you swallow” and trust me by the time I’ve had the last message the last thing I want to do is meet with you’ve pissed me. When members send me message sometimes I can respond straight away other times it may take mew a few hours or days to get back to you, so don’t think I’m ignoring you I’m not I’m just busy

Addresses of transsexual escorts – I will not give you my address, in fact a lot of tgirls I know won’t either as they don’t want loads of guys having there home  or working address. What they will do is arrange a time for you to meet us and a road or location then once you are there you can phone us back and you’ll get the full ..please don’t be offended its common practice especially when meeting with new clients

When you meet the escort …give me your cash NOW lol..most transsexual escorts will ask for the payment money up front and that also means CASH don’t be silly thinking that an escort will take credit cards or cheques. When an escort has a  regular client then often the payment will be left to the end. But I find getting the payment out of way means you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Before you meet you’ll already know if the transsexual escort is a top (active) or bottom (passive) tranny, in other words if a tranny escort will fuck you or not..Some are passive only whilst others like myself are just as happy to fuck a guy or being fucked and for the vast amount of males you’ll find this out when you enquire about the services offered. If you are looking for a tranny to fuck you then it’s a good idea to ask about the time she last meet with someone as most transvestites will be able to cum 5/6 times a day but its always a good idea to find out about her last meet especially if your after a heavy load


Cleanliness – take a shower  ...Before you visit take a shower its not nice meeting with a smelly male and the escort you’ll be visiting will be freshly showered and clean and its only a sign of respect that you’re the same after all would you be happy going down on a tranny escort that’s got a pissy cock or rimming a tranny out that wasn’t clean..then why do you think we would be happy. Some escorts will offer showing facilities but often this is included within your time with her so it would make sense to have a shower

Afterwards – some escorts are happy to chat for a little more so if another appointment isn’t due, but this doesn’t mean that shes going to want to sit around all afternoon chatting …don’t forget it’s a business to her

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