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The local Ipswich tgirls members offer just about every type of contact you can think off from those after a bit of fun to the extremes of the feature Ipswich transvestite below.... now thats hardcore ;o) yum

One of the great things about the online scene is it doesn't matter what your interest is whether its fun, hardcore, friendships or even just looking to find another local TV for some dressing help and advice ....all is freely at hand.

For many in fact probably most if your not "out" joining an adult personals website has made it easy to meet with contacts right across the UK and featured here is just a little introduction into the members from Ipswich... On this page you can view personals, look at members edited photos ( edited to protect them ) and better still join us and start meeting up ;o)

If your new to using online sites I've posted a few tips on how to get the most from your membership and make sure you meet with local Ipswich shemales & trannies ...and talking of which enjoy the samples and the VERY naughty tranny below ;o)

Feature :- Access All Profiles (BDSM Personals - member with over 90 photos uploaded) looking to meet dominant males, females and trannies

I'm a VERY horny transvestites in Ipswich that enjoy dogging meets and having my TV pussy stretched wide open and here to meet local members that will use me..

I do enjoy outdoor meets dogging in the woods local to me especially when I know that my arse is going to be stretched by master or mistress that will dominate me and if you don't know any places to meet don't worry I know a VERY good sheltered location thats nice and concealed and idea for some outdoor fisting fun

I'm bi and do enjoy meeting both sexes so long as your dominant ne as I'm not and do find taking a fisting from a female a little easier, but I would never say no to sir.. If you can accom then I'm happy to meet at yours where you can tame and control me and will bend over so you can fuck me from behind whilst playing with my 36dd breasts.. I do enjoy corporal punishment either being spanked, whipped, bullwhiped and choked especially whilst being fucked deep.

I do have some BDSM equipment and clothing and can be ball gagged should you not want to use my mouth and the force use of poppers will help me take a deep fisting and whilst bound up completely helpless you can have you pleasure with me.. As you can see from my photos I'm able to take huge dildos so you wont be disappointed (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Suffolk / Ipswich ) :- I can accommodate and will take all the spunk you can offer as I love oral sex and never waste a drop. I also love being groped & fucked. I'm not out so do prefer members to meet at mine and we can enjoy a quick if you fancy and you can call round and just use me or we can have an all night season. I don't dressing fully but do love sexy lingerie wearing black silk, ff stockings with smooth legs. Standing in front of a man and feeling your hands running up my legs makes them tremble with excitement and my pussy opens ready to take your cock. I do enjoy bareback sex although understand not everyone is into bare sex, if so you can wear something just make sure you dump your load in my mouth. So if you want to play with me I'm going. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Ipswich dogging TV ) :- anyone enjoy sex in public places? I know some very secluded sites or more risky if you like the excitement. I'm happy to be fucked although will only offer oral in more public places ( public car parks) Drop me a message and I'll send you my mobile phone number and we can arrange to meet. I head out most weekends and this weekend will be around (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Ipswich TS ( pre Op)) :- Hello I've been struggling to find a adult personals site for someone looking for a LTR and struggling so whilst I know this is for sex contacts hopefully theres some guys here looking for something a little more than quickie shag with a transwomen. I'm Emily a full time transsexual thats been a women for 8 years and here to meet males around my age so 40-50. I'm slim ( size 10) and quite petite with a modern trendy but not tarty look. I do get messages asking whether I fuck males and asking if I like oral and having my cock sucked!! let me put it this way I take the female role and look at guys treating me as a women, hopefully that answers your questions and you won't ask. I'm happy to meet guys at my home but as theres plenty of odd folks going around our first date will be at a local bar. If you want to know more please contact me but can you have photos ready as otherwise I won't (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Ipswich CD ) :- Im new to xdressing and I'm loving it but now would like to meet with others that enjoy dressing femme. I'm not out as right now I'm not at all convincing, but with some help I'm not ruling it out and would consider a gurls night out. I think I have a pretty good look and have just ordered my first wig .. HOW EXPENSIVE!! trust me I won't be changing my hair style LOL.. Hopefully I've picked well but something I do need help with is make up as i'm struggle and my drag queen look will never get me leaving the house. I'm only looking for other TV/TS/CDs and would prefer to meet at mine. I'm oral bi and do love oral sex either way and once some trust is built anal is something I'll consider and happy to be top or bottom. I'm also looking for someone thats handy with a camera and we can have some photo fun but for private use only. If your .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Tgirl in Ipswich ) :- anyone want to party? I love getting out and having some fun as I love dancing and socialising with other similar tgirls. I'm in my early twenties and looking for similar age tgirls and also members that are out as I do love to dance. I'm not looking for sex right now I'm just here to find some local tgirl friends. Update - I'm moving to Spain soon ;o) and will be living near to Benidorm so any local members want to introduce me into the local scene ? From what I've seen so far its certainly a part town ;o) contact me and I'll let you know more details .(more)

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