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The local Inverness Transvestites scene offers direct access to personals right across the Highlands of Scotland...

Having never spent any time around Inverness I have to admit I know nothing of the local scene and its bars and clubs...and being such a major Highlands city I presume the local Inverness tranny bars & clubs scene is quite active?

Certainly from looking at member numbers the local gurls known how to party and posted here is just a little introduction into some of those Inverness tgirls...Whilst we have loads of admirers I've only posted TV/ts/Cd sample here, but trust me as you'll soon see once inside the members section Inverness admirers is something we are not lacking in ...along with horny trannies too ;o)

Feature :- Access All Profiles (Inverness TV).. Hello I'm a Scots tranny Tart although will slip into my TV Mistress on occasions for a bit of RP fun and will drift between either personas.

I'm living in Inverness and when meeting contacts either females, couples or tvs I do like to talk first and just see where our dirty minds will lead us down plus having some teasing fun..

When I'm a Mistress I enjoy my subs to enthrall neath my heels admiring my long nylon legs, but knowing that should they not please my crop is always close by and will be used on very naughty contacts! If you understand your place then you'll be rewarded with kissable redlips .

I'm also developing a TV governess persona and I've posted a few photos and I have the setting that accompany it and when in this role have a particular fondness tweed, not soft but harsh skin thrashing Harris! and love the idea of the role of Ms Brodie with ruler in hand..

..The pupils that I consider must be the creme de la creme and will be dressed in a sexy outfits and enjoy all the kinky unusual role playing scenarios, that take time to develop and I have no interested in wham bam thank you meets..

I do have various favourite outfits like kinky mini kilts, suits, boots, pencil skirt and knee high boots, but I can sometimes slip into a slutty role wearing tight figure hugging outfits that due display (more)

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Further samples below ......enjoy...........;o)

  • Access All Profiles ( Inverness Tgirl ) :- hi, I'm here to meet up with other local trannies only, so guys its really pointless you reading on and if you send a message I will just ignore it, simples. I'm a convincing gurl thats been out for 5 years now, in fact came out just after my marriage ended and it gave me the freedom to explore my alta life.I do spend most weekends as Sammi and enjoy going to shops, in fact LOVE shopping and would spend all day in the shops if my credit card would allow. But I don't have any gurl friends and thats why I've joined the site in an effort to find others that are out like myself. I'm not sure sexually what I want I know I'm curious but as I've never been involved with adult sex sites before I don't really know just what . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Inverness pantie sex ) :- I would never class myself myself as a TV/CD its just I love wearing panties and have a huge collection and especially love silk. I'm bi and enjoy most things meeting up for just oral or anal and I'm versatile and can take on top or bottom roles in the bedroom. I live alone so meeting at mine is fine but I'm only looking for NSA sex with other pantie wearers, so if that sounds like something would (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Convincing bottom CD ) :- I'm seeking top males that enjoy meeting with convincing crossdressers. I'm VERY feminine and enjoy meeting with straight acting alpha type males that will take control in the bedroom and use me as a female. I live alone and I'm happy to meet with males at my home, although I will want to meet up online first ideally in the webcams chatroom so you'll need a cam. I do dress fully and can be smart or slutty and whilst I've never been out whilst dressed friends have told me that I'm more than passable but its just lack of confidence thats stopping me from going out. Maybe if I have a strong mans arm to hold onto I would. I've posted up some photos so please when contacting me do let me see you otherwise I won't be responding and will (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( dogging in Inverness ) :- Anyone for some outdoor fun? I do out most weekends for meets in laybys and private dogging sites. If you drop me a message I'll tell you were and when I'll be. I do enjoy being spanked outdoors and dominated and would love to experience being used by a small group of males. My fantasy is to be tied to a tree then fucked / spanked / used and then afterwards released and have guys use me for some outdoor bukkake sex. I know some of these are just fantasies and will hard to arrange but if we can sort anything out I'd be very interested. I do dress in mini skirts and tight tops with make up and wigs, tights / stockings is up to you . When you contact me we could exchange mobile numbers and I could text you details of where I'll be in Inverness .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( sub TV Inverness ) :- Hi all I'm a submissive TV living in Inverness thats here to meet others for some inky NSA fun, I'm into most types of meets so just tell me what your after and lets have fun. I'm a friendly & extremely playful TV that enjoys being a sex toy for others to use, Your welcome to try out your experimental side and I love trying new experiences, and I have few limits, bareback being the main one. I do enjoy being with BBW dominant females, but happy to hear from males, couples and dominant trannies. I enjoy RP sex scenarios and I have LOTS of kinky fantasy play that I want to try and I'm not new to serving Mistresses although currently find myself without one as shes no settled down and no longer in the scene. If I sound appealing then please consider me as I do make a good sex toy and .(more)

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