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Get into the East Midlands Xdressing Scene with Swingers Zone!

The East Midlands Crossdressers scene covers one of the biggest regions within the UK and its without doubt that if you live in the E.Mids and you looking for local crossdressing males whether your an admirer or another East Mids CD your not going to be struggling to find contacts

Within the East Midlands it encompasses the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire ( Least I think the last county although I think its a bit of gray area) and I believe some of Peterborough .......but what it does hold is LOADS of personals

Its without doubt that the local crossdressing scene over the last few years has gone from being a niche fetish to a mainstream lifestyle and thanks mostly to the ease of meeting with local East Midlands CDs that the internet now offers and no longer is it a case of struggling to find local personal using the FREE newspapers.......NOW you can access local personals and whats even better have instant access to local members now

The real question is "which crossdresser contacts website should I join " and thats the reason we've posted this page to introduce and show you members ......very few website allow unlimited access to non members

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Gain FREE access to East Midlands Crossdress Personals NO MEMBERSHIP required

now when I say no memberships required thats not strictly correct as you will need to join us if you want to make contact with another of the East Mids CDs but what you can do is check out the members photos below .....for FREE and better still by using the free links of the left access all local personals to you right across the East Midlands thats something you don't see

Free access E.Mids CD sex contacts photos

Like what you've seen so far? trust me this is just a few we have loads more right across this region all after meets NOW.....

The reason we can give you unlimited access to members is because we have soooo many and from the links on the left you'll be able to view small member photos and read there crossdressing personals adverts, however you won't be able to contacts not until you join yourself.....but even thats FREE for basic membership..

As a member you'll also have access to huge amount of other features like message boards where you can post up details of meets, forums where anything can be discussed from the best East Midlands CD club to the cheapest place online to buy outfits chatrooms, webcams, all the contacts features to help you find local contacts to you ....but it all starts with the members and below are some sample images from East Midlands Crossdressers ( edited to protect ids)

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