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Welcome to one of the best local scene across the N.East ...If your looking to date Darlington transvestites or your a TV yourself and looking for some gurls only fun your in the right place

Meeting up with local contacts thanks mostly to the online scene has never been so easy especially when you have a region of town that isn't exactly known for its night...least I don't know of many Darlington transvestites night clubs, if there are any PLEASE let me know and I'll post up some details

And whist the clubs scene may not be active it certainly doesn't mean the local Darlington tgirls aren't in farcy its completely the other way with loads of members from this town using the site to meet admirers and other Tv/TS/CD members

Want to see some of those? well enjoy the samples below especially the feature as thats one VERY sexy Darlington babe

Feature..AshleighJ ( TV in Darlington) ..Here to meet with males, females, couples and groups ( sorry no TVs ) looking for car park sex, dogging sites, gangbangs, encounters and meets at swingers clubs.

Hello I'm Ashley a Bisexual transvestite from North East and I'm after some fun occasional liaisons meeting with admirers. I've been a TV for some years and most consider me as being an attractive & passable Tgirl and I've posted some photos so you can see.

I'm not looking for anything too serious or long term just some occasional fun liaisons just to break the monotonous nature of life. If your another tgirl or TV sorry, I'm really not interested and have no interest in meeting up just to swap outfits, thats not why I'm here.

So if you like the sound and want to meet up drop me a message telling me something about yourself along with some photos, but no one liners or profiles without photos those will just get ignored (more)

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  • Access All Profiles ( Darlington transvestite ):- hello I'm Debbie an ALMOST full time TV although I dream of one day being a TS but with work and life I don't think thats ever going to happen, but this means at weekend I get to be Debbie from Frid - Sun. I'm looking to meet a man someone that I can share fun times with going out enjoying ourselves and eventually building trust into the bedroom. You've probably gathered from the last statement I'm quite nervous and will want to take my time which I know a lot don't want. If your happy to get to know me and are single then something will hopefully build. I've posted some photos and sadly so you don't have to ask the breast you can see aren't real, when the bra comes off so do they. Males will need to be straight acting and understand I'm the female and will expect to be treat so. I do live alone so meeting at mine is fine and being in my mid forties looking for guys that . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Dogging TV Darlington ) :- anyone up for some outdoor fun? I love sex in public locations whether thats parks, dogging sites, car parks you tell me and I'll meet up. Something I really want to try is getting both wholes filled at the same time getting rammed well and someone the other end fucking my mouth. Anyone fancy meeting up? I'm heading out this weekend and if you drop me a private message I'll let you have my mobile number and will text my location. Just make sure when meeting up you bring protection...(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( newbie Tv Darlington ) :- I'm here to start exploring my bi side and looking at meeting other TV/TS/CD for fun and some tips as I am struggling with a couple of things mostly the best way to be nice and silky smooth the other make up, I just can;t get it right and have a look of a drag queen rather than what I want which is a sexy convincing tv. I do have a small build and being only 5'6" and wearing a size 10 do have a good look and if I can get my make up right would maybe even venture out assuming I had some friends to hang off. I'm VERY bi curious and have been playing with toys for longer than dressing and able to fuck myself with some pretty impressive toys but I'm still a virgin with the real thing. If your local and want to meet drop me a line as I can accommodate but will only meet TVs no men . so how .(more)
  • Access All Profiles( Darlington Sissy CD):- I'm Saron a VERY submissive sissy CD thats looking for new owners as my Mistress has moved onto other things, sadly not including me.I've been an owned slave for 5 yrs off and on and have a huge collection of sissy uniforms and frillies. I can also be a sissy french maid thats a PCV uniform so will get all the sticky stuff of easy. I'm looking to meet a dominant female that will take me her sissy slave for domestic service. I will expect to be humiliated and whilst I class myself as a straight male that didn't stop my last Mistress from forcing me into bi acts. Whilst I work I'm happy to be available fri-sun for live in duties should you want and prefer to keep meets at the weekend only. I do have a branded mark on my that my mistress made me have done and will get that removed should you (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( closet TV ) :- I'm here to meet with others for fun nights out as I'm a shy TV thats feed up playing alone and looking to meet up with others for some fun times. I've been outdoors a few times but only when its VERY late and know that its unlikely I will bump into anyone. Hopefully with the support of others I'll be able to get out and maybe go shopping? I do have a good look that I've been working at for a while and I've posted some photos so you can see me. When contacting me please make sure I get to see you otherwise I won't be responding ..(more)

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