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Live in Chesterfield and struggling to find local transvestites? well where have you been looking as this E.Mids town is VERY active and NOW you can check out Chesterfield TV/TS/Cd for FREE ..

If your new to Swingers Zone and wondering why a swingers website has a page all about Chesterfield trannies then the answer is simple...because we have so many!!

We've been helping adults meet up online for over 15 years and sometime ago due to the demand from TV/TS/CD we added a dedicated section just so local transvestites could place personals for other tvs and admirers....Since then the amount local profiles posted by transsexuals has increased ten fold and featured here are the local Chesterfield tgirls ......and to give you some idea some features are below along with free access into all members

Profile :- Access All Profiles ( Chesterfield TV) I'm a pretty kinky submissive TV in Chesterfield thats here to meet with dominant males, groups or other tv/ts/cd members. I can also accommodate or travel.

I have a good selection of fetish/ bondage wear including pvc basque, latex skirts, and some uniforms including French maids, school girl, nurses, secretary and I have various panties, stockings and boots/shoes that I can wear in any combination....basically whatever role you want of me I can act out..

Sex for me is all about being sleazy & kinky and whilst I'm happy to meet for straight sex I do enjoy role playing sex with bondage games and enjoy being fucked and bukkake being forced to please others either singles or groups.

I am VERY submissive and enjoy being instructed how to please others and ordered around. I'm not that convincing as a tranny but do make up for it in other ways as I do enjoy kinky sex and here to meet others that will me (more)

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Below are further random samples - images are from members within this region (edited)

  • Access All Profiles ( Chesterfield TS can accommodate ):- Hello, thanks for reading my advert. I'm a ts that lives just on the outskirts of Chesterfield and I'm looking to meet with a male, thats a SINGLE male for a boyfriend type relationship. I'm NOT looking for one offs as I want to build trust, friendships and being able to have passionate nights in and going out. I live life as a female and have done so for the last 5 years in fact other than some jeans for when I do gardening I have nothing that could be concerned masculine, in fact I'm pretty sure the jeans are female fitting ;o). Im a small build and yes those are my breast you can see in the photo and I'm a pre op TS so still working down below. I'm only looking to meet with males so thanks for all the kink comments from other tv/ts but I'm really not looking at meeting not even for a glass of wine. (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( dogging in Chesterfield TV/TS/CD ) :- anyone want to meet up and you can shag me silly at a lay by or a public park. I love sex outdoors and will dress slutty and looking to meet all members that want to shag me. I'd love to meet with a couple of members so that I can have the pleasure of both wholes being used. Any offers? ..(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( New CD Chesterfield ) :-Hiya I'm new to the site and to the xdressing scene. I've been sa tights & panties wearer for the few years whilst I was married but got divorced last year ( not because I was caught) and my dressing started to increase and slowly started buying more outfits, I now have a pretty goodselection including my first wig that turned up last week and I'll be posting some pics soon with wearing it. I'm here to meet other more experienced crossdressers / transvestites as I need some help with my make up as I've tried so many times and end up looking like some drag queen and thats not what I want as I'm hoping one day to venture out, hopefully with some gurlfriends. Sexually I'm bi and have been for 10 years and have good grades !! so anyone want to give a newbie a helping hand? we can meet at mine and your more than welcome to ..(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Convincing TGirl in Chesterfield ) :- I'm a convincing ( see my pics) Tgirl called Sarah. I'm not full time as I have a job but would dream to be so, but its never going to happen, so I make the most of it when at home or going out. I'm looking to meet other convincing tgirls/ ts /tvs for fun nights at mine or dancing nights out as I do love to dance and love love to have some local gurlfriends so we could go out dancing, drinking and mmmmmm yep, that as well. I'm only looking for similar feminine members that are genuine and looking to build friendships. I'm happy to travel to meet if you have a place and we can talk about the naughty stuff when .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( kinky sex Chesterfield ) :- -I'm Kerry and I've been a TV for about 10 years now, I don't dress full time but do at every opportunity. I'm average build ( around 11 stone ) and have a little bit of tummy that I'm working on getting ride of this year so that I can get into some of my old outfits. I'm smooth and have been told I have legs to die for LOL.I do like to look as feminine as possible and think I do an ok job although I'm not out. When meeting other gurls I will only meet with members that make the effort, NO hairy kncker gys or pantyhose lovers, sorry just doesn't do anything for me. I do love kinky sex and just love having my arsehole stretched wide either with toys, fists or if I'm very lucky a VWE tranny. I'm well used to taking large toys as I have a good collection and have been fisted once which I loved although I've never been fucked by anyone I would consider hung. I'm able to meet at mine and also do travel a lot around the Midlands so maybe if you have a place we could meet at . (more)

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