Transvestites Watersports

Note:- Looking to get all wet & messy with a TV? this members profile caught my attention first due to some of the photos then when I found out the member has a interest in Transvestites Watersports sex……something I love, although I’m not a TV but an admirer and love soaking tgirls with warm piss

If like me you enjoy the idea of tranny watersports then your certainly amongst a pretty horny fetish group of contacts and posted below is a sample advert from a member based in Cheshire, although theres no shortage of members that enjoy TV watersport sex

I’m a average build Cheshire tgirl that has an interest in fetish sex and meeting with members ( other CD/TV/TS ) for fun nights….including lots of messy, pissy games, are you interested? then read on as I’m up for meets NOW…I’m a good looking transvestite thats been dressing in nighties ever since I was 12 years old now, although my dressing has some what expanded as you can see from my profile photos I’ve posted

I dress fully and have my own C cup real boobs and and I’m 5′ 6 “, with a slim waistline ( 27″) and if I wear a corset I can get that down to 23″ , my hair colour is dark blond hair and have some piercings and my small build and hands go a long way towards making me very convincing, I also wear a  size 6 court shoe and always killer heels no less than 5 ” which i can wear all day and night.

Want to see this members profile photos? more below (edited)

As I said I do love all kinky things in the bedroom, such as CBT,  piss play & extreme orgasm denial(for me) ..I blame my sister for outlook on sex as she used to tell me that girls dont make a mess when playing and so I promised never to do so whilst i was wearing her outfits, and with this being practically all the time.

It was her that introduced me to extreme orgasm denial where I used to play with myself, encouraged by her as often as possible and once near to the point of cuming stopped never being allowed all the way. Since then I’ve grown more and more addicted to this and in the last few years I’ve only messed ( by accident) twice and its been a good few years since I released my cum.

Now my preference is milking myself with large Doc Johnson and once my little balls have been drained then turn towards my dressing as that gives me far more pleasure and if you’ve never tried milking I can assure you the pleasure obtained is at least twice as strong as ejaculation, plus you remain horny for hours afterwards…

I do take hormones and think I’m now chemically castrated and my balls are getting smaller and do hope they get a lot smaller and my breasts grow much larger lol.. Needless to say I’m fully smooth and my mannerisms are feminine in both the way I conduct myself and the outfits I wear, and very much take on the female role and adore recieving anal and giving oral sex, I also love a good strap on fucking with huge sex toy play, this also leads often onto watersports & piss play as I adore all peeing & water sports sex games.

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