Transvestite Dogging photos

Transvestite dogging or should it be crossdresser dogging you know its something one day I’m going to have to ask my crossdressing friends which term they really preferred to be referred as – TV or CD ?

But it was when I was checking out some profiles that I stumbled across a load of dogging photos from a few Transvestite profiles so thought I’d add them onto the blog so others┬ácan enjoy looking at these brave souls !!! why do I call them brave, well not because of the risk factor in fucking outdoors after all thats what makes dogging that much more fun – but the fact its too BLOODY COLD lol

The idea of fucking outside has to be the buzz every dogger gets turn on about, least I would think so, or maybe its just having unplanned sex with a complete stranger I really don’t know which one it is and maybe any Transvestite doggers that read this could post up the reason why you’d leave a lovely warm house in favour of getting fucked over a car bonnet? now maybe if you were dogging in a nice warm climate like Spain were I live I could understand

Either way I’ve posted just a few crossdressing dogging photos I’ve come across and I hope either other CDs or admirers will post letting us non-doggers know what the turn on really is

Just so you know these photos were taken from crossdressing contacts and to protect members ID’s or the locations where the dogging was done I’ve cropped them down, should you join up these photos and more are all fully available and uncropped, along with details on crossdressing & Transvestite dogging locations

Sample Transvestite Dogging photos ( edited to protect members)