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Suffolk Cuckold

Note – for those that can’t really tell this Suffolk cuckold wifes photo is showing her getting fucked by what looks like a VWE black male ….VWE being the main point here, as I’m sure most wives would run for the hills if offered a black cock this size? or maybe not

It goes without saying that the cuckold scene and black males do go hand in hand with many couples looking to meet with black bulls not just this Suffolk cuckolded couple …To give you a little idea of the types of photos these cuckold couples are posting I’ve added some sample below ( these images do not belong to this Suffolk Couple)

We are a couple thats here to meet with single males white / black also groups and couples for swapping fun meets so read our personals advert and drop us a line if you want to know more Continue reading Suffolk Cuckold

Suffolk Crossdressers

If there’s one thing Suffolk has are loads of horny Crossdress members all looking for local meets with either East Anglia crossdressers or admirers.

As a nationwide contacts website we’ve featured some of the Suffolk crossdressing members photos just so you can see what’s on offer and hopefully join us and considering basic membership is free even that won’t cost you anything!

The UK Crossdresser scene over recent years has grown massively and that’s probably primarily due to the amount of contacts and personals websites that offer a way for CD males to make contacts with admirers, couples and other Crossdressing males Continue reading Suffolk Crossdressers

Suffolk Dogging

Lets be honest Suffolk is a dogging dream with the amount of rural locations and being so flat you’ve never got to worry about someone creeping up on you whilst using a Suffolk Dogging location and one of the main reasons its so popular amounts both dogging & swinging couples

Having worked around East Anglia and enjoyed meeting with some couples when it comes to fucking outdoors when you have locations like The wetlands of The Broads and Suffolk coastline and Heaths are not only amazing locations but totally secure

You do get the idea that the local police are turning a blind eye to Suffolk dogging couples so long as its not too near public locations and lets be honest East Anglia Continue reading Suffolk Dogging