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Basildon Bifem

Note – Essex bi female looking to meet with couples & other Essex bi females, but guys…if your still reading this you mite as well STOP, well not unless your part of a could and the female is bifem as this Essex female swinger has no interest in meeting with single guys so your wasting time

Couples or bi females on the other hand make sure you read her edited profile below, then log into the members swection for full access along with access to her photos as she’d uploaded over 30 photos and clearly from looking at them this female loves having her photo taken

Hi I’m an Essex Bi-woman thats here to meet up with intelligent sexy single women or couples so long as the female is bisexual in Essex / Basildon or surrounds… Continue reading Basildon Bifem

Colchester Cuckold

Theres nothing submissive about this Colchester Cuckold bbw that clearly is looking for males that will offer her something that her “pathetic cuckold husband” can’t ( her words BTW) and if your looking for a Colchester hotwife theb this member ticks just about every box you can think off…..even more so if your BBW Colchester females .

Just in case you didn’t pick up this cuckold ad has been posted by a female that WILL want you to humiliate, laugh at and say cruel & spiteful things at him ” say bro, this is what you call a cock, not that thing between your legs…whimp!!!” if you think you could be that way in front of him then read on..

Hi I’m a Colchester hotwife and Filthy Tart & I’m married to a pathetic cuckold husband / cuck!!!! that cannot please me so I’ve turned towards this “cuckold husbands” site to meet with males that are going to be able to give me what I want and at the same time show my husband how to fuck a women, can you help? Continue reading Colchester Cuckold

Essex Swingers Parties

Anyone fancy a Essex party? this swinging couple from Basildon are looking at setting up some Essex swingers parties and from looking at there profile this couple know just whats needed to kick start a party

Even if your not looking for Essex swingers parties you really need to check out this couples profile as they have posted over 170 photos……yep 170 !!! I’ve seen less photos on some adult porn site

This couple advert is all about meeting with local for Essex socials and its pretty clear this essex wife loves to get them out in front of the camera so probably a good idea to make sure your NOT camera shy as I’ll bet this husband will want to get some pics going when they party. Continue reading Essex Swingers Parties

Essex Bi Swingers

Fancy meeting up with Essex Bi Swingers? this couple are BOTH Essex bisexual swingers and keen to meet with other contacts but you MUST be bi so in other words straight males its pointless you contacting them

These are genuine bi swingers and if your aged between 23 – 40 thats clean, discrete and more so bisexual then read on and and better still contact them for more details.

Hi we are D & C  a Essex bi couple that seeking more partners for filthy fun and defiantly bi meets …..get the hint you must be bisexual Swingers. We are fit ( slim) married couple that attractive and looking for similar. Continue reading Essex Bi Swingers

Essex Tgirl Escorts

Are you looking to meet with Essex Tgirl escorts? Whilst we don’t have a shorted of horny trannies looking for local meets around Essex sometimes the excitement of having sex with an Escort is just something you have to try out!!

I’ve had the pleasure of a few Transvestite escorts although none from Essex as I don’t live there, but there is just something about paying for sex that seems to make it more fun, dirty.. or just horny and whilst I don’t do it all the time as I can’t afford it there are some escorts that I do use a few times a year just as a little treat to myself Continue reading Essex Tgirl Escorts

Essex Crossdress

Sexy Essex Crossdresser members …yum. Having spent a lot of time around Essex if there’s one thing I can say for certainty that Essex crossdressing members know just how to have fun whether its indoors or outdoors at some of the various dogging meets that members use….

This page has been added within our blogs section outside the members area to give you some idea of the profiles and contacts we have in the Essex region and hence the reason I’ve edited profile photos to protect members, but don’t fear as a member not only will you be able to view profiles, contacts details and needless to say un edited photos you can do all this as a basic FREE member ( more details here) Continue reading Essex Crossdress

Essex Naturist swingers

The Essex Naturist swingers scene is something I don’t know much about but its clear this Rayleigh swinging couple every the outdoor swinging scene and with summer heading our way its a fare chance they are looking at arranging more meets

If you use Eurekas naturist swingers club make sure you look out for them as they appear to be regular members  and Eurekas nudiest club is a place I often see members talking about in the chatroom / forum so I’ll have to head down there and check it out

In the meantime read this Essex swinging profile and attached here are some edited profile photos – By logging into the members section you’ll have full access to all media uploaded Continue reading Essex Naturist swingers

Essex NSA sex

Essex NSA sex!! Looking to meet up with very sexy Esssex horny houseWife? and if you enjoy your sex with some edge read this personals advert recently placed by a Essex female swingers that not only looking for fisting contacts, but watersports, dogging and has a sissy cuckold ready for use as well

For the guys that enjoy there sex with a lot of fun thrown in then make sure you log in and read this members full profile just make sure you understand that whilst fucking this esssex female is going to be part of the meet with sissy cuckold is going to be present, ideally for domiant males that want to use a female & her sissy partner Continue reading Essex NSA sex

Essex Dogging

Looking to meet with Essex dogging wives? Want to find the best Dogging locations around Essex? Well theres only one place to look and that’s the Esssex dogging couples that are using these locations and ask them where to meet up

When it comes to finding current Essex dogging locations rather than spending all night driving around industrial estates or parking up at public car parks and hoping to get some horny Essex housewife flashing or having outdoor sex , turn towards the internet and not only read details on locations but check the Essex wives photos out as well !!

Anyone that enjoys dogging will know its changed a lot over the years and no longer Continue reading Essex Dogging