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Carmarthenshire Dogging

Welsh fun loving young couple seeking dogging & like minded swingers for fun and frolics!!! – you know its when you read a heading like that makes you want to further investigate it….

Hiya and thanks for reading our Welsh dogging & swinging profile. A little about us, we are a non pushy welsh couple from Carmarthenshire seeking couples or welsh female swingers or single males to help us act out our fantasies.

We love being watched especially by my cuckold husband, my little fantasy would be: you go out for a walk to the local park (hopefully Llanelli), then you see a horny welsh dogger just gasping for some attention, while my husband sits spying on us from elsewhere in the park.

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dogging photos

Real dogging photos!! You know one thing that annoys me as a dogger, webmaster & swinger is when other site owners try to pass what they class as “genuine dogging photos” when we are  know they are fake, just posted up to try and get you to join some members porn site or phone a premium rate phone number for more pics!

“NOTE – New dogging photos added 15/11 – Yorkshire dogging”

After all, we all know the internet doesn’t pay for itself so somehow things like dogging photos and porn models have to cover their cost and this is done by premium sites, but here things are a little different !

Why? Because as a swingers & contacts website we have members posting REAL DOGGING photos within their profiles, a lot of these images are of hotwifes dogging and will also have information on where & when the photos were taken, so if you like them drop them an email and you could maybe even meet up!

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BBW Dogging Yorkshire

I’m not a great fan of dogging but needs must and on the way home to Yorkshire I needed to stop for some light relief –  when doing motorway driving I normally get bored and today was no different, so to pass the time I fantasise and drift away (although not too far LOL) getting really horny.

This day on the way back to sunny (LOL) Yorkshire I was wearing a sexy top that laces up down the front and I always make sure it shows of my amazing tits, as I’m a big BIG girl all round and within my profile I’m a BBW swinger. Problem is, with my tits being so large they always escape and end up flashing guys Oops oh dear ;o)

This day I was in a naughty mood so driving slower than I normally do just so I could give the drivers, passengers & the horny lorry drivers a flash as they drive past, but it was a small group of lorries that caught my imagination and as I over took them I gave them all a real good flash at my tits which was made even better by the fact they were all left-hand drive so got a clear view into cleavage and my top that was now barely covering any of my great tits and playing with then let them go past me and each time I over took them flashed even more and on one occasion was openly playing with my nipple, but they turned off and I continued my way home to Yorkshire.

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Lincolnshire Dogging

Dogging in Lincolnshire? Yes it goes on but we aren’t going to give away the location to just anyone, so if you want to know more you’ll have to click the banner at the bottom of this posting! But on with the story…

More often than not we don’t plan ahead as I find it’s always the best dogging then, you know you go to a pub have a few drinks and on the way home with the Mrs stop for some fun, but this night was a little different as we had our usual dogging friend with us, he either takes photos of us dogging or vice-versa yes so after a drink or three whilst driving home we found this lay-by (location Lincolnshire held back)

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Isle of Wight Hotwife Dogging

Dogging in the Isle of Wight ! does it really go on? the reason I say this is I used to live in Hampshire and had some friends that lived on the Isle of Wight and they could never find any dogging locations…………but when you read a profile like this it just makes you wonder if maybe they were just looking in the wrong place on the IOW!

I want to see my milf wife serviced / fucked / sucking off by younger single males hopefully that are VWE and with a larger than average cocks as my owns not a bad size.

My wife also has a fantasy where she gets an anonymous cock at glory hole location / dogging location hopefully around Newport where we live! and he idea would be to get fucked through a gloryhole so any ideas, locations or experiences you want to share but more importantly than anything anyone know any good locations with a Glory hole for a hot milf to use? Continue reading Isle of Wight Hotwife Dogging

Warrington BBW Dogging

Warrington dogging! but surly it must be too cold in the North West!! , but this horny BBW from warrington / Cheshire is more than up for some dogging action, read samples taken from her swingers profile advert

a bigger than ya average lady, as you can see from my photos and lovingly referred to as a BBW so if you’re looking for a real women around Warrington not some skinny thing I’m ya girl

I’m married but my husband likes to watch, I love dogging, outdoor sex so I’m after local a guy or even guys as I’ve got more than enough to go round but I will consider indoor sex and would love my own little gangbang.

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Didcot Dogging

Looking to meet with a horny female swingers from Didcot? this ad was placed for dogging action near Prince of wales pub, Didcot Oxfordshire

Prince of wales dogging this week / didcot oxfordshire “cum c me”

A bit about me, obvoulsy I love dogging and outdoor sex and love dirty crazy sex, suppose that’s one of the main reasons I love fucking outside and dogging so much

I love to try new things with ant age plus I’m always up for learning new tricks from older more experienced doggers 😉

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Dogging blogs UK Real Information

You know I used to think it was just a UK thing but I was reading on a dogging blog recently that doggers (hope that’s what you call people that dog) are hitting the car parks & public places going right across Europe.

Although the idea of dogging in a nice warm climate for me seems a hell of a lot better, but as British doggers maybe that’s part of the whole experience of dogging – the endurance LOL!

But one thing that has really got my back up over the years is the introduction of so many websites that claim, YES CLAIM, to offer UK dogging locations and really are just pushing premium rate numbers or some members only dogging site, and after using one of these services just to test it out I can confirm they don’t offer either current information or indeed locations that anyone actually uses! The only thing they do give you is an expensive phone bill as they charge silly rates!

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Transvestite Dogging photos

Transvestite dogging or should it be crossdresser dogging you know its something one day I’m going to have to ask my crossdressing friends which term they really preferred to be referred as – TV or CD ?

But it was when I was checking out some profiles that I stumbled across a load of dogging photos from a few Transvestite profiles so thought I’d add them onto the blog so others can enjoy looking at these brave souls !!! why do I call them brave, well not because of the risk factor in fucking outdoors after all thats what makes dogging that much more fun – but the fact its too BLOODY COLD lol

The idea of fucking outside has to be the buzz every dogger gets turn on about, least I would think so, or maybe its just having unplanned sex with a complete stranger I really don’t know which one it is and maybe any Transvestite doggers that read this could post up the reason why you’d leave a lovely warm house in favour of getting fucked over a car bonnet? now maybe if you were dogging in a nice warm climate like Spain were I live I could understand

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San Juan playa Swingers

Alicante swinging mature couple –  you know its a great when you see a swingers Spain members profile where not only do they give loads of information but loads of photos as well, shame some members don’t put the same level of effort into their profile  – some edited information from AngloSpanCpl

Alicante Couple – San Juan Playa Mature couple looking for other couples for adult fun

We are a fun loving couple mature swingers that enjoy using spanish swingers clubs like Bilitis and Papua in Alicante and dogging around Guardamar and Urbanova looking for couples & single males to join us.

A little bit about us, my wife is Spanish 48, I’m British 51, both with a GSOH and think we are both good company & know how to enjoy ourselves and have a good laugh and believe sex should be fun. Continue reading San Juan playa Swingers