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Kent Dogging

Looking to meet with Kent Dogging contacts? Like the idea of meeting with wives for some outdoor sex? Well trust me you don’t need to look anywhere else other than right here !!! Not only do we have dogging wives but some of the most current Kent Dogging locations used

It’s a FACT we brits love meeting up for outdoor sex and that’s apparent within the dogging forum within the members section as its one of the most used section within hundreds of members contributing with details of locations and warnings of places to avoid

So don’t just drive around hoping to meet with Kent Dogging contact use the forums and find details or even contact member directly to pre arrange a meet Continue reading Kent Dogging

Buckinghamshire dogging

Few regions around the Uk have the type of dogging action that Buckinghamshire has and one thing you’ll never struggle to find is dogging postings made by Buckinghamshire horny couples looking for outdoor meets, as sample postings below

Quite what makes Buckinghamshire such a haven for dogging meets is something I don’t know and maybe its due to being such a highly populated region or more like the fact that members from Buckinghamshire just enjoy the outdoor scene

But one thing for sure when it comes to finding current up to date Buckinghamshire dogging locations there’s only one group of members you need to be contacting and that’s our horny swingers & dogging contacts Continue reading Buckinghamshire dogging

Suffolk Dogging

Lets be honest Suffolk is a dogging dream with the amount of rural locations and being so flat you’ve never got to worry about someone creeping up on you whilst using a Suffolk Dogging location and one of the main reasons its so popular amounts both dogging & swinging couples

Having worked around East Anglia and enjoyed meeting with some couples when it comes to fucking outdoors when you have locations like The wetlands of The Broads and Suffolk coastline and Heaths are not only amazing locations but totally secure

You do get the idea that the local police are turning a blind eye to Suffolk dogging couples so long as its not too near public locations and lets be honest East Anglia Continue reading Suffolk Dogging

Cheshire Dogging Contacts

The Cheshire dogging scene has always been one of those locations that’s always well supported by members posting up details on the best places around Cheshire for car park sex and one of the reasons is due to increased patrols by the local plods!

Why the local police have increased patrols is beyond me when they should be doing what they are paid for to catch criminals rather than Cheshire Dogging couples, but thankfully as one dogging location gets closed another opens up

Whilst it’s true to say the Cheshire current dogging locations are changing with older more established public locations getting dropped a lot of members now are turning towards the forums for pre arranged meets in more private outdoor locations Continue reading Cheshire Dogging Contacts

Essex Dogging

Looking to meet with Essex dogging wives? Want to find the best Dogging locations around Essex? Well theres only one place to look and that’s the Esssex dogging couples that are using these locations and ask them where to meet up

When it comes to finding current Essex dogging locations rather than spending all night driving around industrial estates or parking up at public car parks and hoping to get some horny Essex housewife flashing or having outdoor sex , turn towards the internet and not only read details on locations but check the Essex wives photos out as well !!

Anyone that enjoys dogging will know its changed a lot over the years and no longer Continue reading Essex Dogging

Warwickshire dogging

Want to meet up with Warwickshire dogging couples? Well you can be sure you won’t be looking for long and to give you some idea just what members are posting I’ve posted some sample Warwickshire dogging forum

It doesn’t matter what type of Warwickshire contacts your after from flashing wives, single males, couples and single females with over 2,000,000 members you can be pretty sure finding local contacts takes no effort

By using the forum not only can you read upto date and current Warwickshire dogging location but via the forum you can view members profiles and in most cases photos posted up by the couples Continue reading Warwickshire dogging

Cornwall Dogging

One thing you can say for sure about Cornwall Dogging locations is you won’t have to hunt to find them and other than a couple of other northern regions probably the Cornwall dogging forum probably see the most action with members posting details of meets

I personally think its pretty safe to assume if you want to find current Cornwall locations you won’t be hunting for long either by using the forum or just search for couples or single members that live in Cornwall and enjoy outdoor sex along with a lot of dogging voyeurs and flashing wives

With the dogging scene changing so much the only place to really find dogging couples is via a forum and to give you some idea of just whats being posted I’ve added sample posting from Cornish Dogging wives, couples, females, trannies & single males Continue reading Cornwall Dogging

Somerset Dogging

When it comes to finding Somerset Current dogging locations there only one place to head towards and what better you can get this information for FREE thanks to our Somerset Dogging wives & couples posting details

Being primarily a rural county means lots of things first loads of country parks and rural locations but whist this does offer great opportunities for Somerset Dogging wives it also means you need to pre arrange meets otherwise you could end up driving around looking for Somerset couples dogging

With places such as the Mendip Hills, Quantock Hills and Exmoor National Park you know pre arranging meets via dogging profiles and forum postings is the better way forward, not unless you want to risk this a little in some of the more popular city dogging meets Continue reading Somerset Dogging

County Durham Dogging

Want to find the best Durham Dogging locations looking for some County Durham flashing wives and couples that are brave enough to use County Durham outside locations for sex?, well in that case read on.

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a southern softy that is totally unable to cope with the cold around North East and to those couples and horny Durham dogging wives that strip off outside I take my hat of too you, if it wasn’t too cold LOL

The County Durham region has some of the most dogging forum request than probably any other region and over time I will posting details directly from members forum posting that detail current and used Durham locations where both singles and couples meet for some outdoor sex and watching flashing wives Continue reading County Durham Dogging

Guardamar Dogging location

Looking to meet for some Costa Blanca Dogging sex? Most people that live in this region know of the dogging actin that goes on in La Marina nude beach in Guardamar or to give its its correct and full name Guardamar Del Segura

The Spanish dogging scene has always been strong due to many reasons first the amount of deserted locations and quite car parks and beaches you can meet in plus the great hot summer nights we have along the Costa Blanca meaning the little guys not going to be put to shame

But saying that this couple thats posted in the Costa Blanca Dogging forum are head out now (Feb) which for me is still a little early in the year to be having sex outdoors, but everyone to there own ! Continue reading Guardamar Dogging location