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Suffolk Cuckold

Note – for those that can’t really tell this Suffolk cuckold wifes photo is showing her getting fucked by what looks like a VWE black male ….VWE being the main point here, as I’m sure most wives would run for the hills if offered a black cock this size? or maybe not

It goes without saying that the cuckold scene and black males do go hand in hand with many couples looking to meet with black bulls not just this Suffolk cuckolded couple …To give you a little idea of the types of photos these cuckold couples are posting I’ve added some sample below ( these images do not belong to this Suffolk Couple)

We are a couple thats here to meet with single males white / black also groups and couples for swapping fun meets so read our personals advert and drop us a line if you want to know more Continue reading Suffolk Cuckold

Cornwall Cuckold

Note – Reading members blogs offers a real insight into there swapping and this Cornish Cuckold couple have posted a detailed blog along with updating images as they meet with others ….Blogs not only give you a better idea about but in many cases offer far more information on the types of meets they are looking for…..and whats even better ALL members have access to other members blogs and its free ;o)

Below is an introduction that this Cornwall cuckold couple posted followed by a sample from there personals advert – To protect members all images / information has been edited …once a member whether FREE or PAID you’ll have full access to Cornish cuckolded profiles Continue reading Cornwall Cuckold

Oxford Cuckold Scene

Note – its really quite interesting but if you look on a search engine for Oxford cuckold the only sites coming up are websites offering information on the Oxford dictionary, now this would imply that there is no cuckold / bdsm scene in Oxford ……trust me THATS not the case and posted below is a prime example of local cuckold husbands scene

Below is a edited profile and photo from this couple and to give you further ideas of whats on offer to those that want to try the Oxford cuckold scene other photos taken from couples personals adverts – For privacy reasons these as with the main image have been edited to protect there identities…

Hi we are a cuckold / bdsm couple from Oxford thats looking to meet with males, couples or groups , but i will be expecting males to use my straight cuckold husband, but he will do as instructed…More on this later. Continue reading Oxford Cuckold Scene

Buckinghamshire Cuckold

The Buckinghamshire Cuckold scene offers many different types and scenarios from couples that are just looking to meet with a local male to couples that are all about pushing the limits of cuckold sex…Quite how far those limits get pushed is something you need to discuss with the couple

This Buckinghamshire Cuckold husbands profile is about as far at the other end of just cuckold sex than you can imagine and for them meets are really about pushing the limits of sex within the cuckoldry genre and its certinally not just about watching the wife getting fucked …this couple want the humiliation and being forced into cuckold acts either with the wife or the clean up husband Continue reading Buckinghamshire Cuckold

Foot Cuckold Personals

Are you into cuckold foot sex? I have to say its something I’ve never considered and my only reference to foot sex that sticks in my head is on Pulp Fiction where Jules & Vincent are talking about a guy giving a foot massage to Marsellus wife…..but the difference here is this couple enjoy the cuckold scene so the husband will be watching you playing with this wifes feet..

If I’m honest the idea of foot cuckold sex is something I’ve never considered, but the more I think about it I can understand why this wife enjoys foot sex whilst making sure the hubby is watching….

Question is are you man enough to meet this women and enjoy  her sexy pedicured toes, soft soles whilst the husband watches and if you have a fetishes for stilettos its pretty clear this wife has a pretty substantial collection considering shes posted over thirty photos Continue reading Foot Cuckold Personals

Colchester Cuckold

Theres nothing submissive about this Colchester Cuckold bbw that clearly is looking for males that will offer her something that her “pathetic cuckold husband” can’t ( her words BTW) and if your looking for a Colchester hotwife theb this member ticks just about every box you can think off…..even more so if your BBW Colchester females .

Just in case you didn’t pick up this cuckold ad has been posted by a female that WILL want you to humiliate, laugh at and say cruel & spiteful things at him ” say bro, this is what you call a cock, not that thing between your legs…whimp!!!” if you think you could be that way in front of him then read on..

Hi I’m a Colchester hotwife and Filthy Tart & I’m married to a pathetic cuckold husband / cuck!!!! that cannot please me so I’ve turned towards this “cuckold husbands” site to meet with males that are going to be able to give me what I want and at the same time show my husband how to fuck a women, can you help? Continue reading Colchester Cuckold

Hertfordshire Cuckold

This Hertfordshire Cuckold personals advert has been posted by a couple from Hemel Hempstead and whilst I say cuckold as the husband clearly clearly the husband enjoys watching his wife its not just for cuckold sex as they are looking for threesomes and couples and with a detailed profile & over 30 photos this couple want to meet up …read an edited profile below

We are Hertfordshire Swingers that have joined the site for sexy fun with males ( although you will have to be over 35 & 7″ plus) single bi females & couples, but in a nutshell we are here for LOTS of fun…We are John and Catherine a happily married couple from Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Continue reading Hertfordshire Cuckold

Oxfordshire Cuckold

You may well not be able to see but this Oxfordshire cuckold hotwife has clearly one of the biggest set of tits I’ve seen on any hotwife….and trust me I’ve seen a a few being a webmaster and cuckold husband myself… the only thing thats a great same is the husband has only posted a couple photos of his Oxford cuckold wife ….but its one hell of a tease to make you contact them

This member is however looking for a regular fuck buddie / bull / male for his wife and even offers the option of a live in cuckold lover, whether thats something you would want is down to you, but certainly if your from the Oxfordshire region and want to meet with a cuckold wife with massive tits read there profile below

The profile along with photos have been edited – but once a member you’ll have full access along with large member photos and contacts details …..enjoy and if your local contact them as this husband is desperate to find a bull to fuck his wife.. Continue reading Oxfordshire Cuckold

East Midlands Cuckold

If your looking to meet with an East Midlands cuckold couple they don’t get much hotter than this Derbyshire couple and even the edited photos posted here I think you’ll agree this wife ticks every box that a bull would want and more then deserves the title of called a hot wife

This husband has now been restricted to just panty sniffing and humiliation quite how far that humialtion goes you’ll have to speak to the wife directly about this but as bareback cuckold sex is on the cards if could involve clean up. He’s a submissive cuck and if your a dominant bull then contact them 

Edited profile and images below along with FREE access to ALL East Midlands cuckolds:- Hi we are couple thats now involved within the cuckold and so looking for bulls. When we joined the site we had not had the pleasure of meeting any males but since then have and we love it and I’m now a fully restricted cuck  Continue reading East Midlands Cuckold

Essex Cuckold Dogging

It didn’t start out as a cuckold dogging idea but once my husband started looking around a plot was soon hatched and we joined a contacts site …. We live in Essex and for sometime have enjoyed the dooging scene but my husband had some fun fantasies that he wanted to work out so we joined Swingers Zone to hopefully access some Essex contacts and we weren’t disappointed

My husbands idea was that he wanted to be involved within a bukkeka dogging group meet where I would suck off a load of guys but he wanted to be involved in some way as well so I had an idea – We posted a profile and start posting comments regarding some of the local Essex dogging locations and pretty soon we started getting offers to meet Continue reading Essex Cuckold Dogging