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Cornwall Cuckold

Note – Reading members blogs offers a real insight into there swapping and this Cornish Cuckold couple have posted a detailed blog along with updating images as they meet with others ….Blogs not only give you a better idea about but in many cases offer far more information on the types of meets they are looking for…..and whats even better ALL members have access to other members blogs and its free ;o)

Below is an introduction that this Cornwall cuckold couple posted followed by a sample from there personals advert – To protect members all images / information has been edited …once a member whether FREE or PAID you’ll have full access to Cornish cuckolded profiles Continue reading Cornwall Cuckold

Cornwall Outdoor Sex

Fancy some Outdoor sex around Cornwall? this coupe have posted up a detailed profile along with over 50 outdoor sex photos and videos and are looking for other couples that prefer sex outdoors …although at a guess this is just a summer past time as sex in the snow is NOT for the faint hearted lol

One thing to consider before contacting this Cornish couple is they have posted a detailed profile with loads of photos and videos and whilst not all members post quite so many photos they will only respond to members that have put some effort into the personals advert and part of that is uploading photos……if you fancy some Cornish outdoor sex then read on

Hi we are a sexy fun seekers thats looking to meet with Cornish swingers / outdoor sex fans or if you know a good club or sex spa / sauna then let us know..We are a very happily married couple thats here to meet with couples ONLY so no guys or girls please, if your a fun loving couple and even better enjoy fun outdoors and want sexy fun then read on! Continue reading Cornwall Outdoor Sex

Falmouth Swingers

When it comes to reading profiles some just was over you and its pretty clear that the couple have put zero effort into it …then you have members like this Falmouth Swingers couple thats posted a detailed profile along with over 60 photos and 6 swingers videos….now thats my idea of how to get contacts !!!

I’m not saying the only way to make contacts is to post something as detailed as this Falmouth couple but it sure as hell goes a long way to making sure members read your personals advert, especially when you have a load of horny photos & videos within your personals advert ..Posted below is an edited profile and some photos along with FREE access to all local contacts Continue reading Falmouth Swingers

Truro Bi Swingers

Anyone up for a Truro MMF threesome, well when I say threesomes this couples not only looking to herar from males swingers but females & couples but with both this couple being Cornwall Bi Swingers its probably a good idea to be bi yourself or find out the boundaries

This adventurous Bi Cornish couple clearly have a bit of kink from looking at there profile and as they are looking for meets where Oral sex, Sexual encounters, Sexual fetish, Strap-on & bisexual Threesome sex contacts, with being a bisexual male myself ticks every box for me!

If you want to know more read there edited profile but for FREE access to all Cornwall swinging contacts just use the banner but better still if you want to contact them for FREE join us today and start having some Cornwall bi swapping Continue reading Truro Bi Swingers

Cornwall Dogging

One thing you can say for sure about Cornwall Dogging locations is you won’t have to hunt to find them and other than a couple of other northern regions probably the Cornwall dogging forum probably see the most action with members posting details of meets

I personally think its pretty safe to assume if you want to find current Cornwall locations you won’t be hunting for long either by using the forum or just search for couples or single members that live in Cornwall and enjoy outdoor sex along with a lot of dogging voyeurs and flashing wives

With the dogging scene changing so much the only place to really find dogging couples is via a forum and to give you some idea of just whats being posted I’ve added sample posting from Cornish Dogging wives, couples, females, trannies & single males Continue reading Cornwall Dogging