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Macclesfield Transvestite

You gotta love the outdoor scene and by the looks of things this Macclesfield Transvestite is more than up for some meets around Cheshire dogging and rural locations…although looking at the photos its more about rural meets than the over used ( and patrolled) city dogging locations

The question is do you want to meet with a VERY sexy Macclesfield Transvestite? although the member prefers to be refereed to a tgirl, but its clear one thing this member is no knicker wearing guy certainly from the forty plus photos hes posted up and from reading his personals advert …..Posted below is an edited profile and just some of the photos he’s posted within his Macclesfield Transvestite personals advert and I think you’ll agree from the sample images posted this member ticks EVERY box an admirer could ask for Continue reading Macclesfield Transvestite

Cheshire Crossdressers

Posted here is a section of Sexy Cheshire crossdressers photos posted by members that are looking for most types of meets from discrete meets to crossdressers that want to hit the town and enjoy a night out around some of the various Cheshire tranny clubs and bars

Its clear from just looking at some of the sample Cheshire Cross Dress photos posted here that we have a diverse range of contacts from members that just enjoy wearing knickers & tights to those that go all the way and look totally convincing as a female, so much so happy to meet and enjoy nights out Continue reading Cheshire Crossdressers

Cheshire Dogging Contacts

The Cheshire dogging scene has always been one of those locations that’s always well supported by members posting up details on the best places around Cheshire for car park sex and one of the reasons is due to increased patrols by the local plods!

Why the local police have increased patrols is beyond me when they should be doing what they are paid for to catch criminals rather than Cheshire Dogging couples, but thankfully as one dogging location gets closed another opens up

Whilst it’s true to say the Cheshire current dogging locations are changing with older more established public locations getting dropped a lot of members now are turning towards the forums for pre arranged meets in more private outdoor locations Continue reading Cheshire Dogging Contacts

Stockport BBW

Stockport BBW admirers only need to respond !! and this member from Cheshire is keen to meet with either males or being a Cheshire bisexual female or at least VERY bi curious happy to hear from other BBW females for some girls only fun!

This member has posted up a load of photos and also has some other private images ready to send onto admirers so make sure before you contact this member you have some images ready as this member will want to see you before responding

When responding put a little effort into your reply and then you’ll get a response, if you don’t then its likely you’ll not hear back from this member – for more details read her North West BBW advert Continue reading Stockport BBW

Cheshire FFM Threesome

Looking for a Cheshire FFM thressome or want to meet with a Widness Swinging couple thats looking for meets with other couples have a Cheshire BBW wife I’m guessing they are looking to meet with other fuller figured swinging females!

Like most swingers the wife is bisexual and the husband is keen to enjoy watching his wife with another women so any couples they are only looking to meet where the wife is also a BBW bisexual wife! – Single guys,  sorry look elsewhere its FFM threesomes !

I’ve posted some edited photos from this Cheshire FFM couple but they have posted up a load more photos so make sure you log in and check this members profile out as trust me from the viewpoint of BBW admirer the photos are ….HOT Continue reading Cheshire FFM Threesome

Warrington BBW Dogging

Warrington dogging! but surly it must be too cold in the North West!! , but this horny BBW from warrington / Cheshire is more than up for some dogging action, read samples taken from her swingers profile advert

a bigger than ya average lady, as you can see from my photos and lovingly referred to as a BBW so if you’re looking for a real women around Warrington not some skinny thing I’m ya girl

I’m married but my husband likes to watch, I love dogging, outdoor sex so I’m after local a guy or even guys as I’ve got more than enough to go round but I will consider indoor sex and would love my own little gangbang.

Continue reading Warrington BBW Dogging