Sticky Vicky Benidorm

Say the name Sticky Vicky to most people living on the Costa Blanca and you can be pretty sure of getting a reaction, women will probably have a look of discuss while most men will laugh as they don’t want to expect the fact they are getting turned on looking at one of the oldest porn performer in the adult industry based in Spain and I’m sure many Benidorm swingers would love to spend sometime with Sticky Vicky of Benidorm.

But for the uninitiated who or what is “Sticky Vicky”

She is one of the more controversial adult performers based in Benidorm and many would say you’ve NOT experienced Costa Blanca until you’ve seen her perform and I’m pretty sure just about any stag or hen night will have watched her show, although now its more a mother & daughter thing as the “original Sticky Vicky” is well into her 60’s but even at 60 this adult performer is still hitting the stage and bill boarded as an adult erotic illusionist sex show gives you some idea, but lets say her show involves shooting ping pong balls from her fanny and other tricks involvingĀ  razors, beer bottles, massive illuminated dildos and fire needless to say this is one women that SHAVES LOL !!

Enjoy watching this video ( one note this Youtube sticky vicky video may get removed as it does break there nudity conditions so grab it whilst its around

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