Luton Swingers Party

Looking for a Bedfordshire Swingers Party, gangbang or meet with Luton Horny wives

Hi Mark and Debbi here from not so sunny Luton we are GENUINE Swingers mid 40’s married couple that LOVE to party, maybe you’ve seen our ads on other swingers sites but if not this is what briefly this is what we’re about…..

We’re NOT a Luton Swingers club ( although its an interesting idea) or sex agency, or  massage parlour / sauna we are just a group of very horny mid 40’s couples & friends that like to meet for lots of sex &  fun!!

We have parties & entertaining at our home in Luton and everything is done in a very relaxed way, all our guests have a great time with no hassle, as its a free n easy, get together of like minded adults !!

We have two types of party evenings, so let us know and we’ll let you know when the next one is then we’ll invite you should you want to “cum”!

Our COUPLES swingers party nights normally has 15-20 couples so if you want details drop me a line and we can give you more

We also have greedy wives / horny housewives and for that single guys are more than welcome needless to say where every you have horny wives ( and we’ve got some extremely sexy ones as you can see from the photos ) we always have loads of males with full on GROUP fun and bukkake sex!!

Want to view some swingers from Luton? edited photos below ( not from this profile)

If you fancy fucking some other guys wife while here’s watching then we have the hot wives just waiting to hear from you, whatever your age drop us a line, and if your a young guy and wanna fuck a milf then drop us a line

The wives are all around 40s so no teen swingers just very sexually demanding wives that want sex! and love group fun

Chat n Fuck Soooooon!!

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