Lincolnshire Dogging

Dogging in Lincolnshire? Yes it goes on but we aren’t going to give away the location to just anyone, so if you want to know more you’ll have to click the banner at the bottom of this posting! But on with the story…

More often than not we don’t plan ahead as I find it’s always the best dogging then, you know you go to a pub have a few drinks and on the way home with the Mrs stop for some fun, but this night was a little different as we had our usual dogging friend with us, he either takes photos of us dogging or vice-versa yes so after a drink or three whilst driving home we found this lay-by (location Lincolnshire held back)

We pulled over into the lay by and my wife started sorting out seats with our friend whilst I sat in the back, and in an effort to help I moved forward pulling her top off to free her massive tits and needless to say her nipples were already hard and ready for action as our friend had by now got her knickers off and was fingering her and was already getting extremely worked up but room was the issue and either I was going to fuck her or her was, or maybe both.

He carried on fingering her and brought her off to a fast climax and knew where she’d cum so fast she was more than up for more, so getting out of the car I walked around opened the door, and whilst my mate was still fingering her she started to suck my cock off while I was standing outside the car, and with my friend squeezing her tits hard she came again. I then got her out of the car I got her to bend over on her seat so I could fuck her from behind and slipped my cock into her soaking wet hole and started to fuck her, it didn’t take long for me to cum as I’d also now noticed some other guys watching us and whilst this wasn’t going to be a free for all fuck it always turns me on knowing someone else is watching when I’m fucking her when we dog!

She then moved forward and started to suck my mates cock off in the passenger seat and as she did this another guy walked over, so turning over she sat back down onto the seat and started wanking the stranger off while wanking our friend off at the same time. I did my best to take some photos, which are posted in our profile, my mate soon came and turning around my wife got this guy to put a condom on then sucked him off till he came.

We dropped our friend off at his house then drove home and fucked some more but you really can’t beat the buzz of fucking outdoors, even more so if you know someone’s watching! :-)

If anyone wants to know about dogging around Lincolnshire, post in the blog or forum inside the members section and I’m sure you’ll get details…

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