Leicester transvestite

Note – Its not often that a member will post photos of them having sex, but this Leicester transvestite has posted up some great photos of him enjoying some one on one fun with another tvs… in fact this Leicester tranny member has not only posted a single image but over 19 showing oral, kissing, fucking & some very horny photos in various outfits

Being a bit of a TV admirer myself when I see members profiles with sex photos it always gets my attention and whilst its a great shame more members don’t post sex photos I can understand why, after all in most cases you need that third person to take the photos and make sure he’s happy to take pics rather than joining in …….Which would defiantly NOT be the case with this admirer, loosing out on the opportunity of a tranny threesome…NEVER lol or maybe that happened when the camera was put down ;o)

Either way, its something that you sadly never see enough of within profiles and putting my sensible hat on ( it doesn’t get used often ) I can see why sex photos don’t get posted more often …but when they do..boy oh boy and this Leicester transvestite has quite a collection. Below are some edited images below ( members have full access to un edited photos)…and I’ve also posted an edited profile below with a FREE link to ALL Leicestershire TVS ( from here if you want to access Leiceter contacts just click on the link or any other town within this region..enjoy ;o)

Below are edited images and sample profile..along with FREE link to access ALL Leicestershire Transvestites

Hi I’m a Leics Tgurl that loves to meet with mature males and offering them sexual relief and doing things there wives and partners would never let them do …anal sex, yes please just make sure “sir” has a rubber on

A little about m, I’m Jade a tall, thin submissive transvestite that wears a dress soze 12 / 14. I have long blonde hair ( probably better off just checking out my pics) and when left to my own devises loves dressing fully and dresses slutty..

My frill is meeting admirers & groups but more so mature / older males and if a dominant male even better as I love to be sexually used and will provide sexual relief either blow jobs, giving or receiving and anal sex and I’m a bottom TV..

Being submissive I also enjoy role playing BDsm games I’m a non smoker, or at least I’m doing my best to not smoke although I’m sure theres a psychological study that states somewhere that transvestites have an addicted personally.. When dressed I do take the female role on fully and love being a promiscuous naughty tv and a complete submissive slutty Tgrrl.

If you want me then all you need do is send me a message espceally if your a mature male that enjoys using a sub tgirl

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