Lancashire Crossdresser

Looking to meet with a sissy crossdresser from Lancashire, then read this members personals advert thats looking for bdsm contacts and members that basically want to use and abuse a submissive tranny and trust me from looking at this members profile and MASSIVE amount of photos this sissy is up for some serious abuse of the wet kind

I’ve only posted an edited version of this members crossdresser personals advert and its SO big and the photos used here are all taken from this members profile and has at least another 30 odd pics ready to be viewed as well! – so peel ya eyes back and check this sexy Blackpool sissy babe out

Submissive sissy that needs to be used and offering not only watersports contacts but B&B !!, yep if you want to stay in the wonderful North West holiday town then I can give you accommodation the likes of you’ve never had before, well not unless you’ve stayed in a crossdresser B&B before, in fact come to think of it are there any other tranny  B&B in Lancashire?

I’m a perverted crossdresser thats 100% submissive and looking to be used, humiliated in any way you want, I really do have NO sexual limits and really want members to help me with my continued toilet training as I do so adore pissing and being urinated over and used as a human toilet – want to taken advantage of me fine….

UPDATE: unfortunately this little sissy is rather swamped with members contacting me so it may take me a little whilst to get back to you so please understand I will respond, it just may take a little while, but if your heading towards Blackpool and need accommodation or B&B please give me plenty of notice.

As you can see from the attached photos I do have a LOT of sissy crossdressing outfits, it fact I could open a Lancashire Crossdress shop with the clothing and outfits I have and it really doesn’t matter how you like your sissies I will have an outfit from Sissy maids , school girl, fetish / PVC , teen girl in fact you name it I’ll have it, the only condition is you need to be able to abuse me to the fullest

FANCY A HOLIDAY in BLACKPOOL – Love to have stay overs where you can stay for a night or weekend and I will server you dressed as you like and bring you breakfast dressed so that you can use as pleased and should you want to bring someone with you fine, the more the merry as I have 1 double room and a single room for guest.  You get to enjoy all my creature comforts

Lancashire Crossdress

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I am looking for members that really want to hurt me, humiliate me and degrade and use me without mercy / consideration in fact the worse you abuse me, the better I will treat you as my overnight guest!

Possible uses me include, Sissy maid house cleaning, I will turn up at your home and clean your house whilst you use me and needless to say I will do lots of bending over showing of my sissy frilly knickers, or should you prefer none so you can use my sissy hole what every way you like – should yo wish to have a group of friends then you can all take turns

Crossdress dollification ( yes made up word but it describes me) you can dress me as you like and I will bring a collection of outfits for you to use so you can make me look pretty, slutty or fetish in fact anything you please – either for fun alone or bring a group of friends. This sissy is a helpless sex toy and we’ll do anything, say anything I’m puppet in your hands.

Spanking, lets be honest who wouldn’t to spank this sissy crossdresser using either clothes brush, slippers, belts, hands in fact anything you like I will bend over and yo can spank me silly till I beg for more

Cum eating, lets be honest what sissy doesn’t love the taste of cum, you can either wank directly into my mouth, fuck me then make me suck the rest of the cum from your cock and clean it, fuck me with a condom then pour it directly into my mouth or get a group of friends round and we can have a crossdressser bukkake night whic is something I’ve dreamed of

Sadly, this sissy just eats her own sissy cum at present, but she really needs to eat real men’s cum, or even the cum of other TV’s, shemales, sissies – she’s not fussy, she just needs cum. She also needs to learn to suck cock and eat pussy, too! With a bit of time and training, this sissy could become a real cock sucking whore and pussy eating slut!

Watersports, let me say I love piss, I’ll drink piss directly from your cock, you can piss into a bottle and feed it to me or just help me with my continued training as being a human toilet

I’m pretty much here and waiting to be used so contact me if you want to Lancashire crossdress fun

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