Italian Swingers – Hottest in Europe

Looking for Italian Swingers?
Looking for Italian Swingers?

Well according to the UK Newspaper The Independent the Italians are coming in as the hottest swingers in Europe and its estimated that over 500,000 Italian couples are now officially wife swapping & involved with swinging at either various clubs around Italy or private homes.

Allegedly this information comes from Italian national newspaper La Stampa, but in a county that’s so Catholic it really does make you wonder how & where they found this out! – After all I did a search within our own profiles and YES we do have a lot of Italian Swingers but would these couples admit to swinging if someone walked up to them in an Italian High street, mind you thinking about it would any couple in Europe, well maybe the Brits LOL

But in a county that brought us probably one of the most sexiest porn stars in Europe  “Aria Giovanni” it’s easy to see why this nation is so highly sexed, but if you had Aria for a wife would you swap her? Exactly, I rest my case my lord!

But with married Italian couples these days heading towards the Tuscan countryside it’s not just for the usual dinner party, and more couples are getting an invitation from other Italian couples to swap parties, or as the Italians still class it ‘key swapping parties’, so I presume at least it means that whilst they may have the hot sexy wives they are NOT keeping up with trends and getting into swingers parties, after all I ask you as a swinger when was the last time you swapped keys!

With over a quarter of married Italian couples regularly wife swapping, the swingers clubs and private bars catering for swingers have trebled, but something the UK could take on board is that in Italy they have designated places for couples to meet for outdoor fun including dogging car parks & specially designated beaches – although the idea of designated swingers cemeteries really goes beyond my understanding.

But as a Expat Swinging in Spain for me by far the sexiest swingers are the Spanish, mind you reading the comments posted on the Independent blog is sooooooo funny :)

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