Isle of Wight Hotwife Dogging

Dogging in the Isle of Wight ! does it really go on? the reason I say this is I used to live in Hampshire and had some friends that lived on the Isle of Wight and they could never find any dogging locations…………but when you read a profile like this it just makes you wonder if maybe they were just looking in the wrong place on the IOW!

I want to see my milf wife serviced / fucked / sucking off by younger single males hopefully that are VWE and with a larger than average cocks as my owns not a bad size.

My wife also has a fantasy where she gets an anonymous cock at glory hole location / dogging location hopefully around Newport where we live! and he idea would be to get fucked through a gloryhole so any ideas, locations or experiences you want to share but more importantly than anything anyone know any good locations with a Glory hole for a hot milf to use?

We are also looking for a regular Fuckbuddy to fuck my wife while I do the cuckold husband thing and watch and hopefully again VWE bulls only please contact us. We would also be interested in hearing from other couples that have experienced cuckold sex or any bulls that have done this as we are newbies to cuckoldry

Drop us a line and lets chat, meet up if you know any Isle of Wight dogging locations or bull that want to fuck my wife!

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