Is Cottaging Illegal

Is having sex with a man illegal at cottaging Locations – in a nutshell YES, but does that stop gay and bisexual meeting at UK cottaging locations for sex …….no, will that change because you maybe no under the UK law on cottaging? probably not, if just means you have meet carefully

For those that are unsure first “What is cottaging?” – The term refers to males either gay or bisexual meeting in public toilets and having sex. And its believed the term comes from the slang from Victorian time when referring to small houses and or public houses and a male that’s a ‘Cottage queen’ is slang for a gay male that uses public toilets for sex. In the US this is referred to as tea rooms.

So, what is the Legal status of “ UK cottaging”

Yes!! By law under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 “by involving with sexual acts with others in a public lavatory” is against the law and outlawed. So this applies to couples that engage in dogging or other types of outdoor sex. if caught committing sex you maybe prosecuted although this can depend on the local councils and I have know of males just getting a warning.

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“So it is a little unclear but if asked I would say its illegal taking into account the sexual offences act”

The problem with UK law and especially this one is this statute doesn’t specify sex in a public toilet as illegal, which brings into play the grey area of this law and means a lot of guys caught whilst cottaging have been confused as to where they stand regarding the legality of the prosecution

Its this reason within gay community that the law is discriminatory against males that engaging in sex in a public toilet especially when you look at some of the high profile cases that have recently been thought the media circus, which more often than not its this embarrassment is far worse than the prosecution

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