Haywards Heath Swingers

Sorry but what year are we living in when narrow minded twating villagers living in Haywards Heath can campaign and get a business shut down just because it’s ADULTS enjoying themselves, and if the truth be known if they had husbands & wives that really enjoyed sex they’d only want to join in with other swingers in Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

When I hear about things like this I’ve got to say it really does get my back up, after all if the club in Haywards Heath wants to open its doors for adults ONLY to fuck and play in a safe environment what’s the frigging problem?

Would these narrow minded villagers much sooner couples were dogging in Haywards Heath tourist attractions or local public car parks? NO! So what happens when they do find somewhere to play with like minded ADULTS – they shut it down!

The swingers club that’s in Scaynes Hill is promoted as an adult only spa and offered pole dancing & adult movies, now if this club was advertising as a normal Health spa for anyone then I could understand people getting upset, but it wasn’t as the owners made it clear this was for “adults only” so as it was a private club why did the local old farts think it was wrong to let people enjoy themselves? Easy, because they weren’t there enjoying the club and the idea that SEX could be done in some other place other than a dark bedroom for these people is shocking.

So the wonderful Mid Sussex Council has ordered the West Sussex swingers club, that’s known as “The Brighton Sun Club” to stop & the club, in Sloop Lane, will have to apply for the licence for swinging events, which are not illegal but can you imagine what the locals will do when the licence gets posted?! Yep appeal and the locals & residents have already made complaints to council officers and formed an action group against the club. Some people really ought to grow up and let people enjoy themselves!

I wish the owners of this club all the best but I’m not holding my breath on his success…

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