hampshire swingers

We are looking to hold a party for my wife to entertain 10-12 guys for a gangbang / bukkake style swingers party in a local hotel in Hampshire, but before you hit the contact button please read on as right now I don’t want any contacts just information,  so read on!!

The real issue is how do I go about organising an swingers event like this? Obviously, advertising is an issue, so how do you make sure when contacts say they will turn up they will? After all a gangbang with just a couple of males would be a bit of a poor show, has anyone that’s tried to hold a party like this experienced members saying they will turn and not ?  After all you can just see it you invite 73 guys that all want to fuck my wife but I’ll bet only two having the balls to turn up!

Also once the Hampshire swingers party / gangbang has been arranged whats the best way to communicate with other members ?? Is it best by mobile phone, text messages, the forum, bogs ?? I really don’t have a clue. Also do you get contacts to meet outside the hotel or come in one at a time?  although thinking about that can see the staff being suspicious about that

When my wife and I spoke about this we thought “yeah, lets do it” only now sitting back I’m really not so sure where to start and hopefully anyone else that has organised something like this I’d love to get feed back, with what could be either problems that could arise ands things to look out for

We’d really like some help with this, so could anyone with REAL experience of this please offer advice and would love to hear from members that’s been their done it and got the t-shirt LOL so to speak.

Thanks in advance………..

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