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Hi all I’m the horniest female swinger Hampshire and I’m looking for dogging contacts for around Hampshire / New Forest so if you want to fuck a horny black swinger then read on. 

I’m Sasha, also called the “Black Baby” dues to my extremely petite size and the fact I’m black, which I’m sure you can see from the photos. I love fucking outside and dogging, well to be precise I love fucking just seem to be doing a lot outside right now

I’ve joined up so I can hopefully meet with loads of horny Hampshire doggers and guys that invite me onto dogging expeditions around Hampshire / Southampton but the only little catch I will want my friend to video whilst fucking me, but trust me that’s a small price to pay for the best black fuck you’ll every have

I love sex, group fucking and needless to say dogging which drives me drives, don’t really know why maybe its just the fact it outdoors and anyone could see me fucking or maybe just cause its not mainstream. My other love is gangbang sex and anyone wanting a gangbang or group sex contact me with party details and I’ll be their.

I will soon be setting up my own private Gangbang’s so if your interested drop me a line via my membership and I’ll get in touch, again this will be videoed so no camera shy guys please .

I’m a tiny, black nymphomaniac and dogging exhibitionist!!! that loves sex AND with any sex so if you have a bi girlfriend or wife bring her along.  

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