Free Swingers website

Free Swinging yes or no?
Free Swinging yes or no?

That’s right come and get it for FREE……… no membership swingers or is it! You know, as a UK swinger and webmaster I look very closely at what people look for when searching to either find my website or other swingers websites, that are either being promoted as FREE SWINGERS WEBSITES or just looking for members.

But the thing that always gets me is why people will think FREE websites really exist!

After all is anything in life really FREE, you can’t go into the pub and ask for a free pint, or the cinema for a free movie, so why think anything online should be free? After all somewhere there is a webmaster typing all this text and information onto pages and although we’d like to think the world revolves around L.O.V.E, although it should be swinging, it DOESN’T!

So why do people think swingers website should be FREE? Maybe because too many webmasters try to trick people to look at their site and hope they will join up even though after looking around they find out it’s not really free, kinda like in the hope that the “little guy” takes over in the case of male surfers finding the site once they have looked at some hot member photos!

But in reality there aren’t such things as FREE SWINGERS UK WEBSITES  only website that make you think so! But its not all doom! As we DO offer free memberships but it is only limited to using some of the features within the site, but what it will do is give you is some idea on how the site works and you’ll be able to look at profiles, contact members & even post your own swingers contacts ad.

So in reality although our site is a paid members only site it does offer some limited access for people that are looking for the FREE SWINGING!

Happy swinging