fat swing

Am I too fat to swing? You know I bet you that a lot of larger women ask this question of their husbands when they consider swinging for the first time, especially if the wife is a BIG woman! But BIG has its beauty, after all a good partner will always make you feel wanted, loved & sexy but a stranger, like a swinging contact really is another thing?

So rather than trying to write a “am I too fat to swing” article on something I know nothing about, as firstly I’m a male and secondly, whilst not skinny I don’t class myself as a BHM (big hansom man), so fortunately a couple of friends of mine had just got into swinging and I knew she had a more fully voluptuous figure and was happy to chat about her views on swinging for the fatter women.

Before we got into the swing lifestyle, we did have a good sex life and enjoyed playing games and watching porn but after a friend lent us a swingers dvd we knew we wanted to try that but my weight and appearance were not sexy, at least that’s how I felt. For my husband it was a different matter as he adored me and knew exactly what he felt, so much so that he even enjoyed watching bbw DVDs so I knew he loved the bigger women, but was it not the case that he was in the minority?

One evening we sat back and after a bottle of wine, or two, we started looking around the Internet at various bbw & fat admirers websites and eventually found Swingers Zone, after looking at the free section we knew the only way to really find out more would be to join up, after all the free section offered some information & photos and it did seem like the fatter & bigger women do swing but I wanted to see more before I was sold!

Once a member one of the first things we soon discovered is that men other than my husband thought BIG was sexy and the amount of bigger female swingers was almost as many as bi female swingers of which there are loads (I’m not BTW) and it’s pretty clear that other men might get turned on being with me, something that surprised me no end! Once looking at the member section we soon found the forums, blogs & chat room postings that were specifically for men and couples who like “BBWs” – big, beautiful women! plump, voluptuous, heavy whatever you want to class the women that are chubby as, and it seems that we are not alone.

We started looking at other couples profiles where the partner or indeed partners were fat and we found this one couple that lived no where near us but did sound just as nervous about fat wives swinging as I was and as they were only looking for cyber friends to chat either in the blogs, forums or directly by email we thought this would be a great introduction, after all we’d read about soft swapping but this was the stage below this – so we dropped them a line!

They soon replied and the women said she was a BBW, her husband adored that about her, but like me she had reservations about swinging but wanted to try so we started chatting via email and send photos backward and forward and over a few days certainly my confidence grew and so did hers,  so much so that knowing others out there would enjoy swinging with a chubby women I posted our first attempt at a profile, that we then changed 3 times LOL

We carried on chatting with our cyber friends and like us they also posted a profile and you never know one day we may meet up as I know my husband the adores the fuller framed women, well he has to! Now we are looking though the other contacts that have now started replying to our messages and chatting with other chubby swingers in the chat rooms.

We’ve still not meet anyone yet, but what we have done is exchanged photos & even a few videos and I know soon my confidence will be there to meet our first couple, as we now have loads of friends keen to meet. I hope this helps you if you are a bigger women and unsure about whether others will find you sexy, but trust me there are more BBW women than size 10 these days!!

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