Essex Cuckold Dogging

It didn’t start out as a cuckold dogging idea but once my husband started looking around a plot was soon hatched and we joined a contacts site …. We live in Essex and for sometime have enjoyed the dooging scene but my husband had some fun fantasies that he wanted to work out so we joined Swingers Zone to hopefully access some Essex contacts and we weren’t disappointed

My husbands idea was that he wanted to be involved within a bukkeka dogging group meet where I would suck off a load of guys but he wanted to be involved in some way as well so I had an idea – We posted a profile and start posting comments regarding some of the local Essex dogging locations and pretty soon we started getting offers to meet

I was posting as a cuckold dogging wife and my husband was basically a whimp male that did just as I told him and right now it pleased me to meet with guys ….I posted up that I wanted a Bukkake dogging meet and was looking for 4/5 guys that would cum over me whilst the husbands only involvement was listening on the phone…this got an amusing response from some of the bulls but others were happy to meet and a location and time was set…

Fortunately we have a van and a car so my husband drove out to the local ( if you want a great Essex dogging site contact me VERY private) I followed about 30 minutes later to find 5 cars parked up along with ours so pulled along side them..Getting out they all walked over and they didn’t know that my husband was one of the guys in the group and opening the back door I placed the phone on the side and told them my husband was listening

Ramdom members photos NOT from this dogging Cuckold couple

They all knew oral / Bukkake was all that was on offer and from looking at some of the bulges in jeans some of the guys already were ready to pop so I wanted to get down to action..I pulled my dress up and over my shoulders and I was standing there completely naked and sliding the door back on the van placed my dress down…straight away the guys walked and started caress my tits and play with my shaven pussy as my cuckold hubby watched,I could see a glint in his eyes knowing that he knew just what was on the cards and that it was his wife they were playing with ….

Opening my legs wide I started to tease them a little showing my pussy and that fact that I was totally naked outside and exposing my body to 4 guys never brought me off straight away and laying back into the van I started playing with myself as the guys got the cocks out and started wanking, spreading my legs wide there faces were a pure picture seeing there eyes popping as fingers were darting inside and out then licking off my juices I knew that if I carried on teasing like this they would be coming and I wanted to at least have some oral sex as I LOVE deep throat oral and gagging sex….

Sitting upright I placed a rug on the floor and looking around had 2 very inviting cocks quite close to me so reached out and took hold of both, then a guy walked towards me with his cock pointing straight towards me and I opened my mouth and swallowed him right back ….straight away he started pushing his cock down my throat and letting go of the other two guys cock I placed my hands onto his arse and pulled him hard against my face and almost straight away he blow his load down my throat and with my expert deep throat skills held him inside my mouth draining every drop from him

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