Dorset Crossdressers

I’ve been chatting on this crossdressing site to a bi guy called chris for sometime so we arranged to meet at my home for hopefully some fun and at the same time said we would bring friend called matt that was also a bisexual guy, so we arranged to meet at 8pm.

I started early getting myself ready with only my best sexy clothes, wearing my favourite basque, white fishnet stockings, blonde wig & took a long time getting my make up just so !!! and was extremely nervous not knowing if they would turn up or not, as I’d had a few time wasters from other crossdressing contacts sites before, but hopefully this one was different, but you never know, then at 8 there was a knock on the door.

I took them both directly to the bedroom after all we were here for SEX and chris said just how sexy I looked which instantly made me feel good, followed by him starting to french kiss me and theirs one thing as a CD I love is guys Frenching me, then Matt started playing with my arse & caressing my bum, which was made even more sensual through my lacy knickers.

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I turned to kiss him and chris stripped off and looking at his hard cock knelt in front of him & at first just kissed his dick but then began gently wank him off whilst matt was now rubbing my cock through my panties.

Chris then demanded that I suck his cock and like any good little crossdresser opened my mouth and took his dick straight down my throat and as I was no stranger to giving sucking guys off slipped his cock all the way back sucking it till I tasted his pre cum.

Matt was still paying attention to my cock and started to wank me off inside my panties which is always a big turn on for this little crossdresser and I’m sure many others, it felt so horny, but I didnt want to cum, least not yet as I wanted these two guys first to cum but I didn’t have long to wait.

As I was now suck Chris hard I could tell he soon was going to cum, and putting his hands behind my head pushed his dick all the way back and his hot cum jetted right to the back of my throat and as adore cum swallowed every drop back with a smile on my face, yum it tasted so good.

Matt then got onto the bed & started to lick and suck the full length of his cock before sucking him right back and making sure like Chris I took every inch of his hard dick into my mouth. I knew it wouldn’t take Matt long to cum as I’d got some of his pre cum then within a few seconds he came as well

Sitting back the guys said next time they would want to fuck and maybe take it in turns. I really just can’t wait for that next visit

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