County Durham Dogging

Want to find the best Durham Dogging locations looking for some County Durham flashing wives and couples that are brave enough to use County Durham outside locations for sex?, well in that case read on.

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a southern softy that is totally unable to cope with the cold around North East and to those couples and horny Durham dogging wives that strip off outside I take my hat of too you, if it wasn’t too cold LOL

The County Durham region has some of the most dogging forum request than probably any other region and over time I will posting details directly from members forum posting that detail current and used Durham locations where both singles and couples meet for some outdoor sex and watching flashing wives

Also posted here are sample profile photos from Durham Dogging wives / couples with FREE direct access to view profiles posted within the members section so that YOU can read and arrange to meet up with these members, after all pre arranging a meet is far better than just turning up to some dogging meet and hoping other couples turn up

Sample Photos from Durham Dogging ads

Posted below is sample North East forum postings use the link above it will give you free access to County Durham dogging wives & contacts

  • Any one fancy meeting for some outdoor meets at the Nature Park carpark near Cornsay, or know any better locals? we are looking to meet with both other couples and males – for more details and times send us a message – If anyone uses any other places let us know and we’ll meet up
  • Tow Law and Cornsay Colliery dogging It not the best place as not many couples use it which is fine by us, If you head towards Cornsay Collery drop us a line
  • Crook Cottaging / Cock sucking – I’m a bi guy that meets at the A68 / Crook picnic area by the 24 hour public toilets if only it had a glory hole I’d be the happiest Durham Biguy going LOL. Anyone want to meet, I’ll suck you off and swallow
  • Darlington / Stockton dogging – Head east bound on A66 heading towards Stockton theres a nice hidden layby thats great for dogging meets being set back from road, just pull in and flash your lights for some action its roughly half way between Darlington & Stockton. Seen action during the day & night with couples and tranny. I would only use it during the night bit too risky for me during the daytimes
  • Seaham beach dogging? any males want to meet a Seaham cuckold dogging couple? We use the car park by the beach and love to see guys fucking her outside ( I’ve posted some dogging pics inside our profile) we also use Seaham Hall gates heading towards Ryhope by the railway, drop me a line and we arrange a meet