Cheshire Dogging Contacts

The Cheshire dogging scene has always been one of those locations that’s always well supported by members posting up details on the best places around Cheshire for car park sex and one of the reasons is due to increased patrols by the local plods!

Why the local police have increased patrols is beyond me when they should be doing what they are paid for to catch criminals rather than Cheshire Dogging couples, but thankfully as one dogging location gets closed another opens up

Whilst it’s true to say the Cheshire current dogging locations are changing with older more established public locations getting dropped a lot of members now are turning towards the forums for pre arranged meets in more private outdoor locations

Personally I think the only way to enjoy flashing wives and horny Cheshire dogging wives is by chatting via a forum or chatroom first as it least that way your not going to be wasting time sitting around some Cheshire car park hoping for some sex with a dogging wife / couple

Its pretty clear when you do a search for Cheshire dogging contacts / locations the scene is stronger than ever and posted below are some random photos from Cheshire Swingers and by using the banner below you can have FREE access directly to local contacts

Genuine Cheshire Dogging contacts / Photos

Posted below are some sample Cheshire forums

  • Thurstaton common ( Wirral ) :- my wife and I use the Car park on Telegraph Road Thurstation Common. We found it to be a good place for Cheshire flashing wives, voyuers and exhibitionists not a lot of dogging sex but loads of flashing
  • Silver Lane Cultcheth ( Warrington ) :- We used to use Silver Lane at the weekend but it seems to have gone a bit dead anyone know of any other locations around Warrington. We area couple and I’m married to a VERY sexy BBW dogging wife so admirers only and check out our profile for some recent photos showing her sucking a guy off last weekened
  • Burtonwood (near Warrington) – Lime Kiln Lane is dead now so don’t bother – any couples want to meet with a horny male. I’m 9″ love fucking wives whilst the husbands watch
  • Chester / A55 Lay by – OK I know its a bit vague but we don’t want loads of guys turning up, drop me a line if your in this area and I’ll tell you where abouts on the A55
  • Crewe (Queens Park) – anyone fancy watching me & the mrs fucking? Queens park is easy to find travel along A50 to Crewe Station from there it’s sign posted, just drop us a line and we’ll tell you times
  • Delamere Forest ( Frodsham ) – We use to use Delmere Forest as it was a safe place to meet due to the amount of publicity that dogging at Delmere Forest attracted we’ve now started using a location just by Delamere train station On the B5152 theres a bridge on your right and at the other end its private with gay guys cottaging and some crossdresser sex. We go along on Friday nights so drop us a line.
  • Alderley Edge ( northwest of Macclesfield ) Don’t bother with Wizard carpark for dogging as its closed at night but try the layby on the road by the woods opposite. Also try Alderley Edge near Wilmslow by the main carpark.

These are just a few forum postings – join for FREE and read more or make direct contacts with Cheshire dogging couples