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Camisetas de futbol

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Cupido in Alicante

This members blog posting caught me eye as a Alicante swinger myself and having never tried Cupido in Alicante out I wanted to check out this couples viewws on the club….and for once its unlike everything else across the costa Blanca it opens at a time we brits can enjoy starting at 5.00-11.30pm ( most of the spanish I know will still be eating at this time lol)

Either way check out there swingters forum posting and edited profile below ( once a member y6ou’ll be able to access all personals) Images used on this page are random photos from Alicante Swingers

Hi, We went to a swingers bbq afternoon / evening at Cupido in Alicante and whilst our first time we will be heading back again as we had lots of fun meeting up with others, we are heading back on Wednesday and looking to meet up with any other couples that fancy joining us. We are primarily looking for couples to play with but any males swingers from the site are welcome to come up and say hi…..and MAYBE more. If your going respond to our forum posting or send us a message Continue reading Cupido in Alicante

Northern Costa Blanca Swingers Club

Looking for a new Northern Costa Blanca Swingers Club? This couple have posted details within the Spain swingers forum and they are looking for local contacts that would be interested in a new swingers club on the Costa Blanca.  Read there forum posting and profile below

Please note this posting includes details for the club & profile

Hi – we are a couple from Valencia, Teulada that are considering starting an exclusive and small swingers club serving Northern Costa Blanca swingers.  We are interested to hear from members that would be interested in using such a venue and inviting members applications now…..this will be a small & intimate swingers club on the Northern Costa Blanca. Continue reading Northern Costa Blanca Swingers Club

Denia Swingers

Well there no doubt this Denia Swingers location if you look at the photo posted at the top which looks over Javea although this couple do live on the other side of the montgo ( yes I live in Javea )

Its pretty clear like most swingers that live in Spain they enjoy the enjoy lifestyle from looking at there photos and lets be honest when you have a such a horny body like this Denia swinging couple who wouldn’t want to strip off and show it off outdoors.

If you up for some Swinging in Denia then read this edited profile below – but make sure you log in and view there photos as they have posted a load up showing this VERY sexy Denia wife off !!! – The are only looking for females & couples so single guys better look elsewhere Continue reading Denia Swingers

Marbella Swingers Parties

Looking for Marbella swingers parties? well trust me you won’t be looking for long after all anyone living in the Costa Del Sol or around Marbella will know just how strong the swinging, clubs & party scene is – shouldn’t we be changing the name to Costa swingers!

Of all the regions around Spain Marbella does offer the most venues but not everyone is into the more commercial type Marbella swingers bars and venues going around and prefer something a little more private and this is where a strong expat forum community comes into play

This couple from Marbella are holding small private parties and members to try out the more group type meets and offering a few parties aimed towards members that want to attend a small Costa Del Sol Swingers party Continue reading Marbella Swingers Parties

Costa Blanca Swingers Party

Anyone up for a Costa Blanca Swingers party? want to attend a private party held by a couple that live in La Marina and looking to meet with others via a party scene

If like most your worried about attending the more larger organised Spain Swingers parties but want to give group meets / socials a try then attanding a members party is a great into the Spainsh swinger scene and enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere with a mature La Marina swingers

This couple have posted details of La Marina swingers parties and details of how to contacts them within the members section along with full details within the spainsh swingers forum. Continue reading Costa Blanca Swingers Party

Guardamar Dogging location

Looking to meet for some Costa Blanca Dogging sex? Most people that live in this region know of the dogging actin that goes on in La Marina nude beach in Guardamar or to give its its correct and full name Guardamar Del Segura

The Spanish dogging scene has always been strong due to many reasons first the amount of deserted locations and quite car parks and beaches you can meet in plus the great hot summer nights we have along the Costa Blanca meaning the little guys not going to be put to shame

But saying that this couple thats posted in the Costa Blanca Dogging forum are head out now (Feb) which for me is still a little early in the year to be having sex outdoors, but everyone to there own ! Continue reading Guardamar Dogging location