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Cambridgeshire swingers socials

Want to attend a Cambridgeshire swingers social ? These Cambridge gatherings are NOT for swapping of any type other than emails and mobile phone numbers and offer a great way to mix with other local swingers without any pressure and can prove to be good introduction to the local scene.

These Swingers “social events” are organised by members and details can be posted within forums, message boards, events calendar,  swingers blogs  & members profile and as a member you can access all the details relating to the social. The socials are normally held in a public venue rather than a house party and will often use a local swingers club or hotel …after all NO sex will happen ( although some my head for a hotel if they want to take things further)

To give you some idea whats posted within the members section posted below is one of the members swingers social announcements and if you want to attend this social meet join us for free and read the members full details along with there contact details & dates ….. if your new to swingers scene attending a social is a great introduction or even if your not new it opens the doors to loads of local contacts Continue reading Cambridgeshire swingers socials

Essex Swingers Parties

Anyone fancy a Essex party? this swinging couple from Basildon are looking at setting up some Essex swingers parties and from looking at there profile this couple know just whats needed to kick start a party

Even if your not looking for Essex swingers parties you really need to check out this couples profile as they have posted over 170 photos……yep 170 !!! I’ve seen less photos on some adult porn site

This couple advert is all about meeting with local for Essex socials and its pretty clear this essex wife loves to get them out in front of the camera so probably a good idea to make sure your NOT camera shy as I’ll bet this husband will want to get some pics going when they party. Continue reading Essex Swingers Parties

BBW Swingers Parties

Looking for a Hampshire swingers but this one is just aimed for the bigger BBW swingers / couples and needless to say the very horny BBW single females, yes I’m VERY much so an admirer of bigger female swingers, just a shame I’m no where near this Hampshire swingers party

If your looking for a great place to meet up with other bbw couple then attending one of our members BBW parties is a great way to mix with similar couples and contacts and this member is hosting a local party JUST for the BHM/BBW couples, read on and for more information just drop them a message

This party unlike others I’ve seen posted is charging a small fee to cover the hire cost of the club wheres its going to be held so consider that, but for £30 a couple its nothing really Continue reading BBW Swingers Parties

Leeds Bukakke

Want to attend a Leeds Bukkake party? then read this members posting thats looking at setting up a Leeeds Greedy girl gangbang for his very horny young wife and from looking at her this white wife loves getting fucked by black males as well

With a username like cumslutwifeUK you know condoms are NOT an option as this cum loving wife wants all the cum she can either with males wanking over her at the Yorkshire bukkake party or when getting bareback fucked by black males, but right now its group / gangbang meets they are working towards

So if you fancy meeting up with an extremely horny Leeds bukkake wife then read there personals advert and join us for FREE and contact this member as they are arranging a party shortly and looking for males of any age or colour to join them in there Leeds home Continue reading Leeds Bukakke

Oxfordshire Bukkake

Fancy joining a Oxfordshire bukkake group? in that case read on as the very horny Oxford housewife is looking at setting up her own group of male for bukkake and gangbang meets

I’ve noticed this member before, well lets be honest not many female swingers have massive tits like this Oxfordshire wife! and the idea of wanking over those big tits would be more than enough to make me want to contact her, but whilst this member is looking for bukkake sex she’s also up for gangbang (fucking ) as well

Hi guys we are looking for horny males around Oxfordshire / South East for bukkake and group sex meets and we’ve held a gangbang once before in our holiday home in Spain but now looking at setting up a group more local to us in the UK . Continue reading Oxfordshire Bukkake

Middlesborough Party

Anyone fancy attending a Middlesborough swingers Party? this couple are holding private parties for members and friends at there home, so if you want to attend a Yorshire party read this couples profile

One of the great things about being involved within a swinging community is where members are able to post updetails of parties and group meets and from looking at this couples profile you really couldn’t ask for a better location for a Middlesborough Party Continue reading Middlesborough Party

Blackpool Swingers Parties

Anyone up for a Blackpool swingers party? although this one is aimed more towards the young Lancashire swingers and only looking for members aged between 18 – 30 and you can be pretty sure this Lancashire swingers parties is going to follow the theme of 18-30!!

Whilst its true to say Blackpool doesn’t have a shortage of Swinger clubs and bars but the clubbing scene isn’t for everyone not knowing the people or age group of people at the club and this member is very defiantly aiming this party to the younger swingers Continue reading Blackpool Swingers Parties

New Years Eve

Anyone fancy having some swinging fun on New years eve? Lets face it we are all love to party and new years eve is more than enough of a reason to party and have some fun!!

For the vast amount of people new years eve is about drinking and having fun, but why not combine that with some swinging fun and if your looking for a swingers party we have the members posting details of parties and meets going right across the UK

With members going right across the UK and indeed Europe it really doesn’t matter where you live if you fancy attending a party you can be sure of finding a local event where you can enjoy the New Years Eve with some new “close” friends swapping 2010 away Continue reading New Years Eve

Surrey Swingers Party

Any one fancy attending a Surrey Swingers party? this mature couple are opening there home up for some party meets and if like many around Surrey your not into the clubs scene this offers a great way to mix with others in a group scene

As member people can post details of parties they are holding within the Swinger Zone forums section so if your looking for details on group event  / parties local to you make sure you login and see just whats on offer  – a bit like this couples edited forum posting below

Hi we are holding a party and working on dates, so if anyone fancies coming to our Surrey party read our posting and drop us a line for more details – when contacting us can you make sure you have photos in your profile as you can see we’ve posted a lot within ours Continue reading Surrey Swingers Party

Swingers Parties Advice

As a swingers website we’ve been posting details on parties and group events going right across the UK & Europe and one of the questions often asked by members that have never attended a swingers party before is “ just what do swingers wear at swingers parties”

For newcomers that are attending there first party I cam imagine for many they will assume that at a party everyone is walking around with nothing on and that couldn’t be further from wrong! – so as the most common question asked for newbies contemplating a party lets see if we can address the issues of what you’ll be wearing………….or not Continue reading Swingers Parties Advice