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Somerset Dogging

When it comes to finding Somerset Current dogging locations there only one place to head towards and what better you can get this information for FREE thanks to our Somerset Dogging wives & couples posting details

Being primarily a rural county means lots of things first loads of country parks and rural locations but whist this does offer great opportunities for Somerset Dogging wives it also means you need to pre arrange meets otherwise you could end up driving around looking for Somerset couples dogging

With places such as the Mendip Hills, Quantock Hills and Exmoor National Park you know pre arranging meets via dogging profiles and forum postings is the better way forward, not unless you want to risk this a little in some of the more popular city dogging meets Continue reading Somerset Dogging

County Durham Dogging

Want to find the best Durham Dogging locations looking for some County Durham flashing wives and couples that are brave enough to use County Durham outside locations for sex?, well in that case read on.

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a southern softy that is totally unable to cope with the cold around North East and to those couples and horny Durham dogging wives that strip off outside I take my hat of too you, if it wasn’t too cold LOL

The County Durham region has some of the most dogging forum request than probably any other region and over time I will posting details directly from members forum posting that detail current and used Durham locations where both singles and couples meet for some outdoor sex and watching flashing wives Continue reading County Durham Dogging

Perth Dogging Location

Dogging in Perthshire! is there really any better place to get out and have some Scotland dogging meets !!! One thing Perth doesn’t have a problem with is good dogging meets and this member uses Kinnoull Hill Perth

Anyone fancy meeting up – if so the best way to contact this member is by either responding to her Scotland dogging forum posting or better still sending a private asking when shes heading towards Kinnoull Hill Continue reading Perth Dogging Location

Soft Dogging

Are you looking for soft dogging meets? Or are you not even sure what soft dogging contacts are?

The UK dogging scene as everyone knows these days is about couples meeting up for sex in public places that normally tend to be car parts, picnic areas or private land and whilst in the past people would just turn up and meet doggers these days people are turning towards forums to pre-arrange meets.

In swinging not everyone will want full penetrative sex with contacts and couples that meet, and the dogging scene is no different with some husbands just looking for dogging males so the wives can flash at them and expose themselves without any actual sex involved. Continue reading Soft Dogging

UK Dogging Forums

Looking to find the most popular dogging locations and the very latest information for outdoor sex? Well forget the premium and mobile phone number websites, the only people to give you the best & more so current dogging info are the couples that are dogging around the UK

And the best place to find these dogging couples is within the private members only Uk dogging forums

The dogging scene over the last few years has changed considerably this has had to happen for various reasons first the main one being the police that hit dogging locations and pull over anyone that looks like they maybe dogging and now work to dogging hotspots around the UK Continue reading UK Dogging Forums

Norwich Dogging

Want to meet for some dogging in Norwich ? this couple have posted within the Dogging forums section and is looking for local dogging meets to them

They’ve not posted any Norwich dogging photos but do have a couple within there profile but as this is a dogging posting i though I’d show off some horny dogging wives just to give you some idea of what members and people posting

I would suggested dropping this couple a line rather than just turning up to this Norwich dogging location as they don’t say times and when they will be around so it don’t want to be sitting at some picnic table waiting around for doggers if its a no show Continue reading Norwich Dogging

Monmouthshire Dogging

Looking to meet with a couple of newbie Newport swingers? this personals advert has been placed by a BBW dogging member thats keen to have some outdoor meets with horny males and females from the Monmouthshire / South Wales region

She not unfortunately posted any photos so you’ll have to drop this member a line to get access to some pics so the images used are from another BBW dogging member, so if you like what you see you can always just join up and contact this member although so not from Monmouthshire / Newport region Continue reading Monmouthshire Dogging

South Wales Dogging

Love Wales Dogging? looking to meet with a mature female dogging member from South Wales? then check out this recently submitted personals advert thats been submitted by the Welsh Dogging Queen ( her words)

As someone that love dogging this member is clearly looking to meet with similar South Wales dogging males especially if you check out her attached photos that show her dogging around Glamorgan, Cardiff at a guess as thats where this members is based

If your looking for Cardiff Dogging locations or better still want to meet with a bareback dogging member then drop this member a message as shes more than up for some outdoor sex meets with other wales swingers / doggers! Continue reading South Wales Dogging

Bournemouth Dogging

One of the great things about a busy swingers community is the forums section especially when members post details of dogging locations, after all if you want to find the best place to meet Bournemouth Dogging couples where better to to find then other than swingers sites

This couple that live in Dorset / Bournemouth are pretty big doggers from looking at their photos and profile and posted here is a recent forum reply after someone was asking about dogging around Dorset and finding the best locations

Forum posting – we use Meyrick Park Car Park which is probably the busiest of Bournemouth dogging sites. Its a good locations for couples to meet as theres normally dogging action going on most nights. Watch out there’s more than one carpark at Meyrick Park Bournemouth and the best one for straight dogging as opposite to gay guys cottaging is the first on turning on the right from Wimborne Road end, just under the railway bridge but not the second carpark which is a cottaging location. Continue reading Bournemouth Dogging

Isle of Wight Hotwife Dogging

Dogging in the Isle of Wight ! does it really go on? the reason I say this is I used to live in Hampshire and had some friends that lived on the Isle of Wight and they could never find any dogging locations…………but when you read a profile like this it just makes you wonder if maybe they were just looking in the wrong place on the IOW!

I want to see my milf wife serviced / fucked / sucking off by younger single males hopefully that are VWE and with a larger than average cocks as my owns not a bad size.

My wife also has a fantasy where she gets an anonymous cock at glory hole location / dogging location hopefully around Newport where we live! and he idea would be to get fucked through a gloryhole so any ideas, locations or experiences you want to share but more importantly than anything anyone know any good locations with a Glory hole for a hot milf to use? Continue reading Isle of Wight Hotwife Dogging