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Ireland BDSM Transvestite

Note – As a fan of the BDSM scene when I saw this members Ireland BDSM Transvestite personals even though I’m not from Ireland it caught my attention….after all whats better than a fetish Irish TV thats got a understanding of whats needed to be a little fuck slave yummmm

Mind you the member makes comments relating to Fetish clubs but I wonder just how many Irish transvestite clubs there are as I’ve never stumbled across any on my travels …If you know any let me know. The profile below and images have been edited, but you still have a pretty good idea whats on offer, lots of dirty kinky Ireland tranny sex ;o)

Hi – I’m a fetish loving Tipperary Transvestite thats here to meet with females or dominant TV/TS/CD and I enjoy Fisting, Rimming, fetish meets, Watersports just to memtion a few but when ever I meet I love wearing rubber / pvc / latex and my huge fake breast.. Continue reading Ireland BDSM Transvestite

Crossdressing Threesomes

It was the idea of a crossdressing threesome that originally got my interests in the online contacts scene, but that was some years ago and since then I’ve enjoyed more than a few transvestite threesomes and whilst most will assume threesomes are just for m/f couples I’m happy to report …….your wrong!!

Threesome scene has always been one of the stronger genres within the adult contacts scene with couples looking to enjoy an extra person whether thats male or female but just as couples are looking for contact so are Crossdressing couples where like others want to invite others into there bedroom. Continue reading Crossdressing Threesomes

Paisley Transvestite

This Paisley Transvestite has posted a detailed profile and is here to meet males, females, couples and other Paisley Trannys ….so read, enjoy and better still drop him a message ( all photos and text edited to protect member)

Hi I’m a bisexual transvestite living in Paisley and I’m looking for some fun with open minded people and any sex…if you want fun, then read on

Hiya:..Who am I, well Im well built bisexual guy with blue eyes, smooth head, very long legs oh and I enjoy wearing womens clothing and transforming myself hopefully into a sexy tv..I probably not the most convincing Paisley Transvestite but I do put 100% effort into my dressing including useing make up and being smooth from the waist down (hate seeing hairy legs in stockings) Continue reading Paisley Transvestite

Bareback Shemale Sex

You really have to ask yourself, is there any other way to have sex than bareback shemale sex? and clearly this Hampshire Shemale has no interest in safe sex and its bareback all the way to the hilt ….and thats just where I would fuck this shemale given the chance!!

Posted below are some edited photos from this Hampshire tgirl, edited profile and a recent blog entery,  as persoanlly I think you finds our a lot more about a contact from reading there blogs than just the profile and as a member you’ll have FULL access to blogs, member message boards, personals, photos and contacts details Continue reading Bareback Shemale Sex

Chesterfield Transvestite

You just have to love the efforts some people go to make local contacts and this Chesterfield Transvestite has not only posted up a VERY detailed and huge personals advert but uploaded over 130 photos into his/ her profile,  although sadly no videos ( something the new master will have to address with this Chesterfield Tgirl)

This Derbyshire transvestite is a total submissive whore ( her words) and offers herself with ZERO limitations and will meet with dominant males (masters) couples or dominant transvestites ….Posted below is an edited version of this members profile primarily due to the size and privacy reasons ..Edited images are below as well along with free access to view ALL Chesterfield Transvestites… Continue reading Chesterfield Transvestite

Bolton Transvestites

Let me first say the feature Bolton Transvestite photo does NOT below to this member but another “sexy” Bolton tranny..Its not that the member hasn’t posted any photos as he/she has its the member has only posted facely photos, but on a plus note this gives me a chance to post up some other members photos……which BTW we have LOADS of Bolton Transvestites

Enjoy this featured advert and as a member you’ll be able to access images and better still his contacts details…

Feature:- uktvmaid (Manchester / Bolton ) I’m a attractive Transvestite, least thats what most say ;o) thats quite slutty and enjoys meeting with mature males, couples or groups  and if anyone would like to take on the role of arranging a group meet I’ll be very interested to hear from a member that will help get me get group used and for the right group will travel nationally, if that’s you, get in touch Continue reading Bolton Transvestites

Brighton Crossdressers

Its not South coast Mecca for  Brighton Crossdressers for no reason and you’ll soon see why when you check out some of the Brighton Crossdressing members below …Whilst I know Hove is normally included I’ve only posted sample images from Brighton CDs …

Living on the South Coast myself and being an admirer I often found myself heading up the coast to Brighton to some of the crossdresser clubs and bars and its only when your in that environment you can see why regions like Blackpool, Manchester & Birmingham are so popular within the scene, but least here on the south we have Brighton, that personally I prefer far more than the Northern regions Continue reading Brighton Crossdressers

Glamorgan TS

Is your idea of a dream date meeting with a Transsexual? and more to the point are you from Glamorgan and want to meet with local TS / Tgirls? in that case you’ve stumbled across the right website and as you’ll soon see one thing we are not lacking in  is horny South Wales TS contacts

As an admire myself when looking around the members section I’ve always got one eye open for Transsexual contacts and whilst not living anywhere near Glamorgan, South Wales this members profile just jumped out, maybe it was the red tights shes wearing in most of her photos or the warning that her transitioning is in progress…either way it caught my eye so posted below is her edited profile Continue reading Glamorgan TS

Glasgow Transvestites

One things for certain if your looking to get into the Glasgow Transvestite scene you can be sure you won’t be hunting around for local Glasgow Trannys for long and featured here is just one of those members looking for other Glasgow TVs for some fun and a social meet

I’ve featured this member purely on the grounds that shes just posted details of a Glasgow social even within the forums section and it caught my eyes, but to be honest we have loads more all looking for meets whether its social or something a little more naughty ;o)

Whether your an admirer or Glasgow crossdresser we can help so enjoy the members profile and photos below and for even more just use the banner for free access to contact in Glasgow / Scotland …Hiya anyone want to have meet and some wee fun? I live West of Glasgow centre and planning a get together late this month.. I’m looking for 2 or 3 members either a couple, females that will join me & a couple of fit TG pals at my place. Continue reading Glasgow Transvestites

Surrey Tranny Threesome

Anyone up for a Surrey threesome? Although before you jump and hit the contact button this couple are a female & transvestite and only looking to meet with other trannys, so guys you better look at other profiles as this is tranny threesome meets

Being an admirer of transvestites I would love a tranny threesome, but alas NOT with this couple but for other TV/CD/TS members your in for a treat assuming you fancy a threeway with a couple and by the looks of thing a sexy tranny…There edited profile and photos are below and once a member you’ll have full access to there personals ad along with access to all there photos as they have uploaded 14 photos !!!  Continue reading Surrey Tranny Threesome