Carmarthenshire Swingers

Looks like the Carmarthenshire Swingers scene is going strong within couple as they have posted up a detailed profile and they are looking to meet up with other couples but only if the Carmarthenshire couple have a bifem, which when you consider just how strong the bifem scene is within couple that probably applies to most couples

Guys, if your reading this advert, its pointless contacting them as they are not looking and when they are they will contact you so I would suggest not bothering otherwise you’ll just get added onto there blocked list of contacts. The images below are direct from this Carmarthenshire contact although edited. I’ve also added a direct link to view ALL Carmarthenshire swingers under the members photos

Check out there profile then join either for FREE or PAID. Hi we are a couple from Llanelli / Carmarthenshire thats looking to meet with other welsh swingers that have a bi-fem partner as sexybum is bifem. also if we want males we will contact you – we are NOT looking for males…ok something about us.

I’m “Inky”  a straight male thats 35,  and 5’11” with a shaved head and little goatee, I’m on the slightly bigger build along with lots of tattoos and what you would class as a normal sized cock, least I think so, I’ve not spent hours looking at other guys, as you may have gathered I have a dry sense of humor. I also smoke and drink on special occasions

Edited photos from this Carmarthenshire Swinging couple

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Sexybum is a bi-female and 29 years old, petite and wears a size 8 and vitals are 32b, 5.2″ with brown hair & eyes and has the most amazing bum you’ll ever see, hence her username. She loves dancing and is an outgoing fun person and whilst being bifem loves cock just as much as pussy, she also drinks sometimes and smokes

As a couple we have a strong relationship and have been together for 14 yrs and very happy and we are looking to meet couples that have a strong relationship and are not looking towards swinging as way of re starting a sex like..Ours is VERY good and we are looking to meet other just to spice things up a little.

We are looking for a local couple / fuck buddies and with SexyBum being bi-sexual we are looking to meet with couples where the female is bi so that she can have some fun whilst male partners watch and later join in.  We’ve been involved within the swinging scene for a while although we are not what you would class as hardened swingers.

We have tryed most types of swapping which has gotten us to where we are now so have done and enjoyed threesomes,  4somes, same room sex, and both soft swapping and full swaps. When meeting with members we NEVER meet alone so please don’t ask and also we never play without the other knowing.  We are clean and goes without saying safe sex is a must and all boundaries are respected and expect the same from anyone we meet with

Whilst we are both smokers if this offends then we won’t smoke when around you and we can hold of lighting up straight after sex. When arranging meets we will want to chat on the phone before any definite dates are set so that everyone is happy and confirms we are all genuine about meeting up as we have been let done a couple of times in the past.

Last anyone contacting us can you please have a face photo as you’ve seen us profiles with just cock, pussy photos attached will not get answered

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