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It's one of the largest residential areas in the region and this means meeting Banbury transvestites is not only EASY and here unlike so many other sites we give you a little insight to sample profiles just to give you some idea on the Banbury Tgirl members, enjoy.....

Whilst only having driven past Banbury whilst on route to my gurlfriends in Birmingham I know nothing of the local scene so was quite interested to check out on just what I've been missing out on by reading just some members personals ads, but for anyone living locally or just happy to travel you've got a treat.

Whether you're looking for dogging Banbury transvestite contacts, some fun indoors or maybe a gurl to hit some clubs with (although clubs!! where are they?) then read below and join us:

Feature :- Access All Profiles(Banbury TV) Hello guys I'm here just waiting for Mr Right NOW to contact me and I'll slip into something sexy for him, is that you?

I'm a femme TV called Sarah and I love dressing fully and then meeting with men and sometimes groups. Im 48 years old and do enjoy dressing very girlie and always have done..

I wouldn't say I do the tarty look as my outfits are femme, pretty and very girlie and being slim make sure they are tight fitted to enhance my slim figure thats smooth. When dressing its important that I feel good and attractive for male admirers as well.

Im single so no problems making arrangements to meet so no sneaking around and live nr Banbury. If you see me online I'm happy t chat at first with male admirers, then possibly meet if we connect. I do like to take my time a little getting to know members as I'm quite nervous so please don't be too pushy when talking. I met guys and it was great fun after I got over my nervous.. So I'm here and waiting for that special person to (more)

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More free samples below for you to enjoy then get into the local scene and join us - we have loads of members right across this town & region - please note some images are edited as these are real members and done to protect them:

  • keallytv (Banbury) :- hi I've just joined and yes I know I've not posted any photo yet, its in hand and a friend is coming round tonight to take some as my selfies are soooo crap LOL.. OK so this is me and I'm new to the site and online personals sites and I'm a young tv thats few up with playing alone and now want to start meeting with other TV/Tgirls for some fun, but please no HPW;s. I've been trying to work out what to say without sounding like some desperate dork LOL.. and even after reading a few I'm pretty clueless as to described myself.. I'm in my late 20's ave build, smooth and would say I'm a pretty chilled relaxed person you know the kinda gurl thats happy sitting in watching a DVD or when in party mode getting out and having some fun. I do struggle to meet people as I'm quite shy, but I'm working on that and hopefully being here will get me out (more)
  • frankysubs (Banbury) :- I'm a very submissive passive Tgirl thats here to meet mature males as I do enjoy being around males that are 50 plus and I have no upper age limit. I'm a very suggestible tv that will follow all suggestions and instructions no mater what and other than harsh pain I have no limits as what I'll do to please Sir. I do enjoy pleasing others and I get more pleasure out of seeing others enjoying themselves than I do myself. I do enjoy BDSM with males spanking my bottom when naughty. If your experienced in bondage and control and 50 plus please consider contacting me as all I want is. (more)
  • pauladogtvs (Banbury) :- hello, wheres the best dogging sites in Banbury? I've just moved here and love sex in public locations but need to find some safe sites locally as I can't travel far. I do dress fully when meeting guys and as its for outdoor meets only tend to meet after dark. Drop me a line telling me were and we can either exchange text / mobile numbers for just arrange a time. I do love O & A just make sure you have a . (more)
  • sandytv50 ( Mature TV Banbury) :- Hi i am a married TV thats very much in the closet and my wife knows nothing about the gurl inside me and thats how it needs to stay so discretion is EXTREMELY important and also why I can't meet at my home. As I'm into my mid fifties I do prefer dressing more according to my age so the minis have long gone and prefer a more longer hem now, but that doesn't mean boring and I don't have something interesting on underneath! As you may have gathered I've been dressing for some years on and off mostly off as I was unable to find local dressing friends when I started but the WWW has changed that for me and now getting all my urges to start dressing and meeting others. I do feel very relaxed when dressed and I think quite convincing which you can see in some of my photos. I'm only looking for other trannies and members that can accommodate for some daytime fun. I don't want to meet admirers as .(more)
  • debsslave (Banbury) :- I'm Debs and my master has told me to join this site and meet with members that will stretch me as my arse needs stretching WIDE. I have no limits and will take fists, large sex toys or anything else you want to fuck my arse with. I've been fucked by fruit and just about anything you can think of. My master will be present and I can meet with males or females in fact my master is very keen to see my getting fucked by a BBW dominatrix with a large strap on, any offers? I can accommodate so please drop me . (more)

To give you some more ideas below are some recent forum postings from members around Oxfordshire/Banbury:

  • dogging in Banbury? looking to meet up for some outdoor fun. I've got a few private places I use locally so drop me a line and we can arrange to meet. only looking for male admirers
  • dressing services - anyone know of any locally? happy to travel across Oxfordshire but really want to keep it locally - had someone drop me a private message about someone in Warwickshire but really want local
  • tranny clubs in Banbury lol.. ok now that you've picked yourself up off the floor I'm heading to B/ham and looking for local gurls that want to come along, maybe even stay over at a local motel for a bit of fun afterwards? anyone interested?
  • Shopping - where do you shop for outfits? I would love to find a tranny clothes shop where gurls that are perhaps not that convincing can visit and shop. Anyone know of a place? I know these some websites but i want to visit a place and shop and try outfits on. As you've probably guessed I'm not convincing so need a TV friendly clothes shop
  • Dressing fun at mine - I don't normally have the house to myself as Im married and not out but next month the wife is away for a couple of weeks so I'm looking at inviting some friends along for make up, drinks and some light fun. Nothing too heavy going and I will expect you to be discreet
  • Bukkake Banbury? how about it? looking for 6-8 guys for bukkake meet round mine, drop me a message and check out my profile for photos and more details

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