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When it comes or should it be "cums" to finding current cottaging locations or meeting with gay guys cruising for sex the forums are the only place to use

Sections within the forum

  • Cruising and Cottaging - want to meet up? posted details of where and when along with other information on current locations
  • Guys Seeking Meets - guys looking to meet up with either other gay or bi males. This forum is popular for instant meets ie - want sex tonight contact me type postings
  • Clubs / Gay Saunas - heading out to a gay bar, club or sauna and want to find details on which ones to use read this section. If your visiting an area and don't know the local gay clubbing scene its well worth reading
  • Advice - new to the gay scene? are you bi curious male and want to ask some guys some questions? well here's the place t get free and friendly advice from other bisexual and gay males

These are the main sections with the gay forum and for many members the first place they head towards, well after checking there mail ;o)

Please note images are random but all photos posted on this site are current members

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Any Welsh guys wanna meet up for some outdoor sex? I live in Cardiff and meet up around the back of Sophia Ardens Castle by the public toilets and lets time I was there there was even a used gloryhole! make the most of it guys as I'm sure the council will soon fix it. But we still have places we can meet so drop me a line if you fancy some Wales cruising
Newport / Wales
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Find current cruising locations NOW!

Looking to find current gay cottaging locations? gay cruising places? or just hope to find a working glory hole in public toilets well theirs only one place to look and ask thats the gay & bi males using UK Cottaging places

The UK cottaging scene has changed a lot since the days when I used to hit public toilets and either enjoy getting my cock sucked through some gloryhole or enjoying sucking & fucking in a public car park.

You don't have to be in the scene to know that cottaging comes with its risks and those being the annoying twats that want to spoil our outdoor activities rather than doing there jobs which is catching REAL criminals YES I'm talking about the police and there cottaging crewe that love pulling guys in over crap charges

But I'm not going to rant over the cottaging police, in fact there a far better and less risky way of meeting cottaging gay guys and bisexual males of which personally I find more bi guys cottaging than gay sometimes!

Finding Current cottaging Locations

No more are you left driving around car parks at midnight hoping to see someone's car parked up, now you can not only discuss the best and used cottaging locations but pre arrange meets with other guys to meet up a "safe" outdoor location with either gay, bi or perhaps someone thats still just curious about sucking on his first cock and your happy to oblige

The cottaging forums offer a great place to meet up and talk about locations, times and ones to stay well clear off - And then we have the declining numbers of gloryholes !!!

Where's the gloryholes gone ......... ask you local council worker and his metal sheets that he keep bolting onto the toilet walls covering glory holes up, but there is "some" hope as when a glory hole is found a member will post details and should it be local to you, you've got a chance to use it.........but they are a dying action

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As a gay contacts website within the members section is FREE access to the forum where members are able to discuss anything within dedicated sections that are detailed above

With membership being FREE along with a load of other features to help you meet up with guys for either outdoor sex, or within someone's home you really won't find a better contacts website for bisexual & gay males to meet up

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