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I joined for one reason to meet with males for anal sex..I'm a female that loves getting anal fucked my first blog posting ...

Part one here...Cambridgeshire Female Swinger

During the drive I kept my hand on his cock, squeezing and rubbing to keep him hard.  As we got to his house, we kissed again before getting out of the car.  He held my hand as he led me through the front door and straight up stairs to his bedroom. 

We jumped onto the bed and stripped each other naked as quickly as we could.  I smiled when I saw his cock for the first time it was long and as thick as my wrist, I couldn’t wait to feel it in my arse. We kissed frantically; I took his cock in my hand feeling his warmth and hardness as I stroked his shaft up and down.  He was sitting with his back against the headboard and I knelt next to him to wank him.  His fingers soon found my wet hole and slid two fingers deep into me.

I wanted to sixty nine, so he slid down the bed to lie down and I straddled his face so that my pussy was inches from his mouth.  I felt his hot breath then his tongue on my pussy lips, which made my arse, pucker with pleasure.  I took his cock in my mouth and sucked gently, I could taste precum in my mouth and he groaned his approval of my technique.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes then I felt his tongue reaching for my arse hole.  He wanted to rim my arse but couldn’t quite reach so I got off him and told him to lick my arse from behind as I got on my hands and knees.  This position gave him easy access to my little rosebud, and soon his tongue was pushing into my hole, damn it felt good and I almost came then, but he stopped just before, so he must have sensed my approaching orgasm.

Kneeling behind me he guided his cock towards my pussy and entered me. He fucked me slowly, then I felt his finger enter my arse, as he pushed his finger deeper I groaned loudly and he shoved his cock into my cunt as far as it would go.  I thought I was going to pass out, it felt so good.

“I want your arse baby, I want to fuck your beautiful arse.” He said.

“Please,” was all I could say in reply.

He pulled his cock from my pussy, and spat on my arse to lube it up some more.  Then I felt the head of his big cock at the opening to my arse. He pushed it in gently and I tried to relax to give him easy entry.  He was long and thick and I could feel his cock stretching my arse wide.

“Push it all the way in, I want to feel your balls on my thighs.” I said.

God it felt big, I wanted him deep in my arse, I love it deep, and as he pushed in I buried my head into the pillow and started to finger my clit with my hand.  I heard him groan in ecstasy as my arse muscles clamped on his cock.

“Fuck my arse slowly baby, don’t shoot your load yet, let’s cum together.” I moaned.

He held my hips and started to slowly fuck my arse, pulling his cock nearly all the way out before pushing it all the way in again. I was in heaven, and a huge orgasm was getting close.

“Fuck me harder.” I said, so he started to bang into me.

“Harder, I want you to ram my arse hard, I’m so close, fuck me baby, fuck my arse.”

My fingers where frigging my clit fast, and I felt his cock get even harder, I knew he was about to cum. And that was it, my cunt started to spasm in orgasm, and I screamed.

“I’m cumming, fill me now, and shoot your spunk in my arse, ahhhhhhhhh.”

His spunk was hot and I felt it shoot into my belly making me cum even harder, and it went on for ages before it slowed down.

He kept his cock in my arse until it softened, and it slipped out with a plop, followed by a trail of white cum.

“You really love being fucked in the arse don’t you?” he said.

I just smiled and nodded.

We spent the night making love and he fucked my arse twice more by the morning. I drove home the following day after we promised to see each other again.  We haven’t met again yet, although we’ve been sending emails.  He calls me a cum bucket and I’m happy to be called that just as long as the cum is in my arse.

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