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Want to read the real deal? then theres only one place to access dogging stories

Interested in dogging? want to read real dogging stories submitted by couples & singles that are enjoying the UK dogging scene, well in that case read on as we can offer loads of great free to read dogging stories

We are one of the leading adult contacts and swingers websites with over 2,000,000 members and where ever you have swingers you also have horny dogging contacts

Within the members section you'll have access to loads of great features and one of those is the dogging blogs section where members can and often do submit dogging stories, photos and even posting details of meets they are planning

I've always had an interest within the dogging scene but its something I've never got involved within primarily because my wife prefers sex on a bed rather than being fucked in a car and for those that are in similar circumstances by reading dogging stores offers you a chance to be a voyeur by reading just what these horny couples are getting up to around UK locations

FREE dogging story, read enjoy and maybe meet up

Theres just something highly erotic about reading someone's story either real life happenings or purely fictional but unlike any other stories you can read anywhere should you want you can meet with the authors of these stories

As a member either FREE or PAID you can directly access members profiles from the links within there dogging stories, so if your reading some cougar dogging story and you like what you've read by clicking on the members profile name you can view her advert and arrange to meet......its really that simple

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Sample dogging stories

To give you some idea I've posted the headings from members dogging blogs and these are completely free to read within the members section and accessed as a free member

  • dogging threesome sex don't get better than this first time story ( more)
  • I'd read about dogging and wanted to try it ...question is where and how....thankfully the good old WWW elps (more)
  • Text Dogging .......its not knew but it does offer a great way to keep in touch with other dogging contacts (more)
  • Flashing the idea of seing women flahing in public places? then read on (more)
  • Dogging in public is fun.....but daytime dogging whilst other people are walking around (more)
  • threesome dogging will never be the same agian (more)
  • West Sussex naturist couple headed out for an afternoon on the beach and once stripped the wife soone got some (more)
  • Devon dogging doesn't get better read this cuckold dogging story posted by a male / bull member (more)
  • Dogging slut......well thats she calls herself and from reading her story shes every bit that - great dogging story (more)
  • I didn't head out for some dogging sex and headed out for a run and bumped into this very sexy bbw women and had one of the best tit wanks I've had for a long time (more)
  • It was our first attempt at dogging and we wasn't really sure just how well it was going to go...we really needn't have worried as it was some of the best outdoor sex we'd ever had - Read this two part story ( more / part two )
  • I really wasn't sure where to head out to meet with dogging contacts so headed down the to the beach and some dark car parks I knew about. I've always had a thing for trannys and the idea of meeting with a dogging tranny would be all my fantasies come true in one hit. I parked up (more)
  • I didn't know what was going on but I knew my husband had something planned. When we pulled into the car park I knew straight away what he'd planned although I didn't realise we would have some voyeur watching us, but that only made it more exciting and keen to repeat (more)
  • The idea of sucking another guys cock is something I've wanted to do for a long time but being married meeting up with other bi males was difficult. I knew about the cottaging scene but was a little worried about heading down some public toilet with all police patrols that we hear about and at first wasn't sure were to head towards (more)
  • Anyone for a dogging threesome well this wife was so read her story and then join us ( Dorset)

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