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sample tv /ts / cd profiles...

Why is it you start checking out one tranny personals advert and that leads onto another and another ......

Whilst thats OK for all you Cumbrian tgirls for this poor admirer I end up feeling VERY frustrated ;o(...but for any local members you in for a check out transvestite in Cumbria and better still join us TODAY and contact any of the members below ( we have lots more inside the members section)

Samples edited to protect members ..

  • Access All Profiles (47) CD/TV/TS : Cumbria :- I'm a bi tv slut thats after a bit of action and being bisexual happy to meet with all that want to have some NSA fun. I'm 5'8' with nice pert bum and enjoy meeting with others whilst dressed in lingerie & then having lots of fun including bukkake, oral, anal and members using sex toys on me. I am convincing and if you want to see just whats . ( more)
  • Access All Profiles (20) CD/TV/TS Cumbria:-I'm a Young TV thats wanting discreet meets. Im 19 and have been dressing for a while. Looking to meet with other around my age so 18-25 max for fun. I'm here to try new things such as Anal, Bondage Rough sex, Oral or Latex / rubber. I don't dress 247 . . (more)....
  • Access All Profiles (45) CD/TV/TS Cumbria:- I'm a very convincing Tgal thats after discreet fun & safe meets . I'm 5'10" tall and just love getting out as tanya athough its mostly around the local gay clubs / bars. I dress fully and love my pvc & make up an all the other girly things. looking for meets with men, tvs, couples for discreet fun. I can be dominanting tgirl and very kinky. I'm not in txt sex and prefer (more)....
  • Access All Profiles (54) CD/TV/TS UK, Cumbria :-I'm into my fifties so I presume that means I'm classed as a mature crossdresser but I'm here for my first experience with another thats similar to me for hopefully some regular fun. Ideally I'm after that CD that wants a local sex buddie as I'm not really into the multiple partner thing and prefer building trust and spending time with a single personal, ideally another CD. I'm able to accommodate in my small cottage and would love to have another present so that we could enjoy dressing and getting all girlie, hopefully leading onto exploring and trying some outdoor meets as well around the secluded woodland and maybe .. (more)....
  • Access All Profiles (53) CD/TV/TS Cumbria, - NW transvestite that sexy and looking for NSA fun meets with other members from the North West. I'm after some fun times, so the question is is there anyone that fancies showing me a good time? if so get in touch. I've never been to any tranny clubs or bars and its something I'd like to try but really want the company of other similar dressers so that . (more)....

now I must admit any of the above would tick my boxes, although I'm only an admirer not TV/TS/Cd

If you want to access even more just use the free links provided and view all the members from the North West that are after local contacts

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It may well be one of the sparser populated regions within the UK but don't let that fool you into thinking the Cumbria transvestite scene isn't just as busy as many other UK regions..

...As with a lot of regions where its primarily rural you'd think meeting with a local cumbrian tgirls to be hard work, but in all honesty you couldn't be more wrong

One of the prime reasons for this is the advance profile and member search options we offer ( which you can read about on right) that will help you find local contacts & members whether its another Cumbria tranny or admirer...And to give you some idea of the members we've added this little preview page to give you a free access to members and there profiles

So, anyone want to see some local tranny babes? enjoy below, although I do get a sneaky feeling the feature image below does show blackpool beach rather than somewhere along the Cumbrian coast, either way its still a local member from Cumbria so enjoy

Feature:- Access All Profiles (Cumbria Tgirl) ..I'm a sultry looking Cumbrian Tgirl thats just happy to be herself and meeting up with males, females, couples and other trannies. Hi, thanks for looking at my profile hopefully you'll find it interesting and more so drop me a line as thats why I'm here.

When I'm dressed I actually think I'm a better looking Tgirl than a guy ha!! kinda says just how happy I feel about my tgirl lifestyle as I enjoy my life and meeting with others.

I've not been that well this year due a health scare, but now I'm better and starting to get back into meeting up and thought I'd start with this site as I enjoy my dressing and then meeting with admirers and similar members hopefully building friendships, chatting & socialising.

I'm not here for cam meets or just swapping photos for the sake of seeing another tgirl not unless we've meet up and I know you as I'm here to meet up in person and being out more than happy to meet up outdoors somewhere of if your local to me in Cumbria at my home as I'm able to accom.

I do get out quite a lot and enjoy going to the Village, Blackpool, Leeds FF and will consider venturing further afield as I'm keen to meet up with similar tgirls and maybe we could share traveling costs if your from my area of South Cumbria. I'd like to thank those thats (more)


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  • Access All Profiles (Cumbria TV/TS/CD):- I'm a smooth TV that as you can see from my pic likes to wear short skirts, heels and then enjoys some outdoor fun. I'm not a full time transvestite and looking to meet with other trannies for outdoor sex around Cumbria and I know some private places where we can meet I do enjoy a bit of bdsm fun either being submissive or can be dominant. Whilst I can accommodate on occasions I do prefer the outdoor scene and for the right contact will (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Cumbrian Cross Dresser ):- anyone want to fst me? I'm a Cross Dresser that loves being fisted and have been crossdressing for about 20 years, although only part time dresser. I'm 12 stone, with a bit of tummy, but have long smooth legs and a VERY cute bum that will take your fist. I do make 100% effort when meeting up and try to look as femme as possible and will meet with guys & other CDs but no hairy CDs please, guys are OK just not CDs. I'm am quite shy although you wouldn't think so from my pics but its getting my arsehole stretched open wide I especially enjoy. Whilst I've been fisted quite often I'm still a anal virgin and would love to experience being fisted then fucked well. When contacting me I do enjoy meeting up online for c2c session first as we can get to know each other. If you want a private chat then drop me . (more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Young TV Cumbria ) :- I'm a young, horny and bisexual tgirl from cumbria thats here for fun sexual encounters with local members. I'm 19 years old and dress fully wearing modern / trendy outfits and only looking to meet with other like-minded Transgenders to experiment with and have some dressing fun. I've been dressing for a little while but i'm quite inexperienced when t comes to meeting up with others but I'm keen to hear from members especially local ones as I can't travel. I'm also looking for similar aged "young tgirls" so please under 30 please only. hit me up and lets meet I'm sure we'll have fun .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Cumbria BDSM TV ) :- Hi I'm a Cumbrian transvestite thats into most forms of bondage and cp. Im a tall slim TV thats not very convincing but I'm very willing to please others as I love all types of bondage / cp and here for some mutual fun meets with other members. .(more)
  • Access All Profiles ( Cumbrian Transvestite ) :- I'm a forty something Cumbrian Transvestite thats here to build some friendships. I'm a straight TV that loves nothing more than slipping into something stylish, trendy & current fashions. I'm not single and have a wife that whilst she knows about my dressing doesn't get involved when meeting others plus is not that keen either. I have been out but living in Cumbria the local clubs scene isn't that good and in the past been to Blackpool but would like the opportunity to dress and meet more often nearer to home. So any Cumbrian tgirls fancy meeting for a social ? maybe then .(more)

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How easy is it to find Cumbria transvestites? you'll be pleased to read its VERY easy

Its something your always seeing that when searching for contacts using personals sites that you can never find or meet up with local trannies...and by local I mean in your town not just in the county

Thats the reason we've developed one of the most advanced profile search systems helping you find Cumbrian trannies and hopefully meeting up

The features include:-

  • searching by member type, such as personal details, age, size, sexual preference.
  • profile details, in other words only profiles with photos, videos & webcams
  • last date active, so only viewing members that have recently been online
  • location, by distance from you, or the town / village
  • keyword searching, where members use keywords of things they are interested in, like dogging, outdoor meets, bdsm, cuckold, ect
  • online, accessing local members that are online NOW

and whats even better all of the searches above can be done in combination of each offer, offering a way to meet your ideal and local Cumbria shemale contacts

Check further photo samples below

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