Tenerife transvestites

Note – Its really goes withon saying but the Tenerife transvestite scene is one of the most active within the Canary Islands and being the largest and most populous island with the Canary Islands, you’d expect that and like all of Spain the Tenerife transvestites know how to party!!!

To give you some idea featured below is just one of those members along with just a couple of her profile photos as this Tenerife tgirl has posted over 30…now thats the way to go ;o) ….by using the free link not only will you access more Tenerife trannys but also members from Santa Cruz De or indeed anywhere within the Canarias….enjoy and join us soon for some soaking up the Tenerife TV / TS/ CD scene

Hiya I’m here for FUN in Tenerife and I’ve just uploaded some new photos into my profile so I hope you enjoy…I’m Stephanie, the photos I posted were after a quiet undisturbed few hours with my camera, an ironing board and some new outfits plus a few others I’ve collected over the years, and for afternoon out of the sun I had a lot of fun, shame no one was with me enjoy it, it was fabulous.

I know it maybe hard to imagine but I used to be quite a shy transvestite especially with my dressing, but I’ve decided that i love my time dressed all glammed and really don’t really care anymore, about who knows , so, I decided to be brave join a adult contacts website to meet with others around Tenerife where I live full time. I hope you enjoy my pics and looking at them..

More photos from this Tenerife Tgirl (edited …plus more inside the members section)

I live permanently here in the Canarias / Tenerife and have been dressing in the closet for a few years now and love taking on my female role and over time I’ve becomer more confident and comfortable with my feminine side and is now a very large part of life that I would like to share with others.
I work  in Tenerife and love nothing more than after a hard days work than to get home and slip into something sexy and enjoy a bit of girly pampering. My confidence levels have been increasing and recently when to a local carnival and then onto some clubs and its this side of me that I want more off and would love to meet with other Tenerife tgirls, female admirers or couples that either live in Santa Cruz De or coming on holiday

I do have a partner thats very supportive & understanding and I’m not just after a quick shag but more so building friendships and making local friends.  I am a straight transvestite, however do have increasing bi tenancies and I’m very  curios about sex with a male ( within a couple) or another tgirl and may indulge, but I have no experience of this!

I don’t smoke,  drink  but Ok being around others that do, heck when you live in Tenerife you have to expect it and looking to meet with others that have a GSOH and that can have fun,  not just when they are loaded.  Thanks for reading my advert and if you want to meet get in touch