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you’re going to have to invest in it. You see more and more of them, (Oregon donor) Phil Knight, but you can go across the country. I was up there in Ames, Iowa. Those guys up there in the trucking business, they’re helping out at Ames. It’s great. College football, there’s nothing like it. Pro football, it’s good. It’s like my dad used to say about hunting bobwhites and blues. He said, ‘If you can’t get the bobwhites, you have to shoot the blues.’ It’s not as good of sporting. Pro football’s got a long way to go to catch up with college football. I really
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Brain injuries threaten youth football
cheap jerseys Steve "Mongo" McMichael might seem an imperfect litigant in the suit against the National Football League and helmet manufacturer Riddell Inc. It’s not that the Chicago Bears great lacks for evidence of head trauma. YouTube overflows
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New England in the playoffs. Even when the Raiders briefly fell behind Sunday, the fans kept up constant cheers for their team. "I never sit," said , a 26 year old Sacramentan who stood throughout the game dressed in a team jersey and helmet and sporting striped face paint. "It’s been 20 years
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they’re already licensed for T shirts. Some are not set up for licensing and drag their feet (on making an agreement) until it no longer makes sense to chase it," Micheloni said. "We work on a great number of possible licensees." The latest
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Post Op TS Contacts

Note – Are you here to meet with Post Op Transsexual women or as I know a lot of post op ts refer to themselves as ┬átrans women, either way if your here to meet with a transsexual that had a full sex change then we can help and to give you some idea of just whats on offer within the members section heres a personals advert from a post-operative transsexual woman

I’ve posted some of the members photos below and as a member you’ll be able to access more from within this personals advert and clearly from the images I’ve “enjoyed” looking at this trans women is VERY pleased with her TS pussy and now wants a man to be her first, will that be you? Continue reading Post Op TS Contacts

Trafford Transvestites

Its without a doubt that the Trafford Transvestites scene is probably one of the more active regions with Greater Manchester and with an estimated population of over 250,000 its easy to see just why…Posted here is a sample from one of those Trafford Tgirls and as a member you can access local personals right across this brough including Altrincham, Partington, Sale, Stretford & Urmston.

So sit back and enjoy but better still join us as the sample posted here is just one off many, true when it comes to personals adverts that jump out and screen contact me this member knows ┬ájust how to achive that helped a lot by the 200 plus photos posted within the profile …enjoy and join us Continue reading Trafford Transvestites

Swansea Transvestites

Note – When reviewing personals it really quite interesting checking out just what members post, some will post a few photos and a bit of text then you have Swansea Transvestite members like this member that not only has posted up a very detailed profile but also over 100 images ….

It would defiantly look like when it comes to kinky meets this Swansea tgirl ticks about every box that an admirer or another Swansea tranny could ask for, assuming your able to keep up….and I don’t mean just your cock as I’m pretty sure when it comes to marathon fucks this Swansea TV has all the gold medals lol….. no inhabitions! Nymphomaniac transvestite and adore sex OMG ….yes ;o) Continue reading Swansea Transvestites

Tenerife transvestites

Note – Its really goes withon saying but the Tenerife transvestite scene is one of the most active within the Canary Islands and being the largest and most populous island with the Canary Islands, you’d expect that and like all of Spain the Tenerife transvestites know how to party!!!

To give you some idea featured below is just one of those members along with just a couple of her profile photos as this Tenerife tgirl has posted over 30…now thats the way to go ;o) ….by using the free link not only will you access more Tenerife trannys but also members from Santa Cruz De or indeed anywhere within the Canarias….enjoy and join us soon for some soaking up the Tenerife TV / TS/ CD scene Continue reading Tenerife transvestites

Liverpool Transvestite

Note – you gotta love a member that posts up a detailed profile and thats just what this Liverpool Transvestite has done and whilst she’s only posted 3 photos, bot are they gems as I love a tranny in black lingerie, it is lingerie isn’t it? or maybe its just a short skirt pulled up to show of her amazing legs…..either way HORNY ;o) even though I’ve edited the pics

Below is her Liverpool personals advert along with access to even more, and trust me there LOTS but I think you would have guessed this after all Liverpool is the party town of the North West with probably more Liverpool Tgirl clubs and bars than most other UK cities…So enjoy and for more or better still to contact this or other members join us Continue reading Liverpool Transvestite

Transvestites Watersports

Note:- Looking to get all wet & messy with a TV? this members profile caught my attention first due to some of the photos then when I found out the member has a interest in Transvestites Watersports sex……something I love, although I’m not a TV but an admirer and love soaking tgirls with warm piss

If like me you enjoy the idea of tranny watersports then your certainly amongst a pretty horny fetish group of contacts and posted below is a sample advert from a member based in Cheshire, although theres no shortage of members that enjoy TV watersport sex Continue reading Transvestites Watersports